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"Useful products" 2018
2016-05-02, 21:14:24

Teacher: Remind me guys, what does a person need for life? Air to breathe, water to drink, food to supply.
And that man, and especially a child, not just lived, but also to grow smart, strong, funny, beautiful, we need healthy food.
In useful foods contain vitamins and nutrients that help the body grow and develop.
To be funny, smart, strong,
Children and adults need vitamins.
Hearty porridge and ripe fruit
The most important thing in life products.
Eat meat, vegetables, fruit,
Fish, dairy products
Here is a useful food,
Health everyone needs!
What are healthy foods

Children: (Berries, nuts, onions and garlic, legumes, fruits, vegetables, seafood, eggs, and products made from flour, milk and milk products, green tea) .
Guys, did you know that the foods that make meat called "meat". It's burgers, hot dogs, sausage, etc.
Products that are made from milk, called "milk." It's cheese, yogurt, kefir, sour cream etc.
Foods that make from flour, called "flour". It's bread, pasta, cookies, cakes etc
Teacher: And now let's play a game.
The game "Extra subject".
Milk, yogurt, sausage, sour cream;
Bread, drying, ice cream, loaf;
Cucumbers, cabbage, eggplant, pasta;
Cake, tomatoes, cakes, biscuits;
Yogurt, kiwi, banana, Mandarin;
Sausage, patties, sausage, waffles.

Teacher: Children, in addition to useful products, there is junk food, which does not bring any good to our body, and Vice versa, causing great harm to our health.
1. Chewing gum: it there is nothing natural. This is a set of food additives: flavors, sweeteners, conservatives, and other elements.
2. Chips and French fries: in fact, it is a mixture of carbohydrates and fat plus artificial flavoring.
3. Sweet carbonated drinks: it is a mixture of sugar, chemistry and gases. Created not to quench your thirst, and for its evocation.
4. Instant noodles: a seemingly composed of noodles there is nothing harmful. Useful, but also not. And spice it - flavor, dyes and preservatives.
5. Popcorn: corn is no danger to health not represents, but everything changes when they come — oil, salt, sugar, caramelization, dyes, flavor enhancers, flavors.

Teacher: Guys, now I offer you to play the game, and we'll see how you remember what is harmful and what is not.
Role – playing game "Family"
(the boys go to the store and buy products and girls products to prepare lunch)
Teacher: Guys, as you will be very tasty and I hope healthy lunch, you will need rules of conduct at the table. Let's repeat them.
• sits down at the table and eat together with all
• is silently
• do not put on the table elbows
• cannot be picked by hands in the plate
• do not slurp and spit food
• to get up from the table with the others.

Teacher: so to summarize. What affects our health and what needs to be done that it would have been okay?
The children read a verse
To be always healthy
Cheerful, slender and cheerful,
To give advice I'm ready,
How to live without doctors.
Need to eat tomatoes
Fruit, vegetables, lemons,
Porridge in the morning, soup at lunch,
And for dinner salad.
It is necessary to engage in sports
To wash, to harden,
Ski run to get involved
And to smile more often.
Well, if your lunch
You will begin with the sack of candy.
Chewing gum imported after
And then for the whole evening
To to watch TV
And see in order
Series series,
Then maybe
Your companions always –
Myopia, pale appearance
And a poor appetite.

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