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"Visiting farmer" — experimentation in the older group for the lexical subject Pets 2018
2016-02-19, 11:26:29

Objective: develop skills of experimentation and recording observations, developing the skill to analyze and make predictions based on observations.
I. Correctional education:
1. To broaden and deepen children's ideas about Pets and their offspring.
2. Consolidate knowledge about the external signs of the animals benefits.
3. To develop the ability to use the ablative case of nouns, to exercise in aligning words on cases;
4. To enhance and enrich the dictionary of children nouns, adjectives, verbs on the topic of knowledge.
Vocabulary work: tail, hooves, farm, Piglet, mane, furry, foxy, waving, shaking, hook, casein, fats, algorithm, static electricity

Move nodes:
Professor Know me once again prepared for you an interesting experiment in our laboratory. For the experiments he needed milk, wool and egg. And the Professor went to the farm to his brother rabbit. Brer rabbit was a farmer and kept domestic animals and birds.
Any household you know? (Children's responses) .
But coming to visit Brer Rabbit, the Professor Know me have seen that on the farm there are no animals left their houses. Brer rabbit sits and cries. What happened to Brer rabbit?
Asked the Professor Know me. Why do you think the animals are gone (for they have been badly cared for, left unattended)
Let's help Brother Bunny to find animal guessed riddles.
With the owner's friends, home guards,
Lives under the porch, and tail ring
Front snout, rear - hook,
In the middle – back, and bristle
I'm big and beautiful, I run and curls a mane
Long silk Chvostek and hooves – clop, clop?
Is furry, is a bearded,
Horns waving, beard shakes
Hooves tapping? (goat)
In the middle of the courtyard stands the shock.
Front forks, rear broom
Soft paws and legs scratchy,
Often washes, and with water not generally understood. (male)
Thanks guys. You are real scientists. And you know how animals go. Let's show.
Visminda Domestic animals and birds "Who goes? "
Cat walking like a cat, springy step
And the dog is like a dog walking with high knee lift
By duck the duck, slightly waddling step on foot, swaying slightly from side to side
Is the goat kid horns jumps forward Jumps, showing horns
Jumping frisky horse Jumps, hands holding the reins
In the elephant the elephant walks, he walks the difficult walk, leaning on the soles and palms
Goose goslings important step stride walking in the floor standing
And the street guys – who's skipping who foot step in place
Children are shown what your animal home? (children's responses)
Elephants are not Pets, people not breed them, and tames.
-Brer rabbit you we have found all the animals. Why do we farm here? Guys do you remember why Professor Know-ka went to brother Rabbit farm? (children's responses)
milk - who gives the milk? as man uses the milk?
the egg - who gives the egg? as man uses the milk?
the coat - who gives wool? what you get wool?
Once all the animals we found. Everything you need for experiments we have collected. You can start our research.
To remind the rules of behaviour in the laboratory.
Experience the # 1 Why is milk white?
Tell children when you look at milk, what can you say about him?
-milk white (confirmed by holding a white sheet of paper to the glass)
-milk liquid (confirmed by pouring from one Cup to another)
-the milk takes the shape of vessel in which to be (a Cup shape, the shape of a jug)
-milk is not transparent (determined with the help of a spoon put in a glass)
But really, we all know that the cow can eat green grass in winter and yellow hay in the summer. And the milk that she gives are always white. And not only cows white milk. Why, I will tell further. So if you like to experiment, then join.
The fact is that milk is responsible for the color of one of the substances contained in it - casein protein. If you look at a drop of milk under a microscope, we will see white balls. This is the casein. It colors the milk white. If you look at milk under a microscope you can see tiny balls of this micelles. Casein is very useful for human because it contained vitamins amino acids. There are products, the content of which is colored milk, if the cow eats carrots - milk is yellow due to carotene, but if a lot of milkweed or of Buttercup the milk cow to become pink.
But milk can not only drink. They, for example, you can write secret messages.
Experience the # 2 Secret message written in milk.
"Milk to write" - method secret letters with milk between the lines: when the heating sheet of this lines, written by milk "appear". Hence the figurative expression "to Read between the lines", which means to penetrate into the essence of the text, in its root meaning, to be able to comprehend its mysteries.
Take a thin brush and write or draw something on plain paper milk. Once the label is dry, it will become practically invisible.
While secret message on the dry sheet. Let's paint. after all, milk is as white as a sheet of paper.
! Foul Milk is not a taste. Keep the experience algorithm (sequence of actions)
Experience number 3 Patterns in the milk.
In a flat plate it is necessary to pour the milk and wait until it calms down. At him carefully drip a few drops of food coloring .
And how can you measure a drop, what subject the assistant to use? of course the eyedropper after each paint wash out the dropper in the glass of water
And then gently touch the center of the plate with a cotton swab soaked in the liquid for washing dishes. Soap, breaking down fat will cause the plate in a storm, which will cause the paint enter the whimsical patterns.
The experience of the No. 4 Raw or finished?
there are two identical eggs, one raw and the other cooked in abrupt. Invite the audience to come to try to guess where what is the egg, not smashing them!
Put both eggs on the side on the table and twist them with equal force. Point to the egg that will spin faster and more evenly, and announce that this is the boiled egg.
In proof of his innocence break another egg into a bowl.
Will be a hard-boiled egg spinning faster and more smoothly. A raw egg, spinning would flutter from side to side
This trick is possible because the center of mass of a raw egg is different than boiled. Chicken egg consists of yolk, albumen and shell. Most of his masses are in the yolk, so the center of mass of the egg is in the yolk. If you spin a raw egg, the yolk goes in a circle, and the position of the center of mass changes all the time; because of this, the rotation slows down and the egg varies. Solid content of the egg becomes solid, and the position of the center of mass during rotation is not changed, so the egg may be more speed to rotate around this point.
Experience the # 5 Ball-magnet.
You will need an inflated balloon and little pieces of paper. RUB the balloon on wool. Bring to the pieces of paper - they will stick to the ball! (When we grate a ball of wool, he gets a negative electric charge. And since opposite charges attract, we are attracted to the ball and paper, have also a negative and positive charge. The ball will attract not only paper, but also hair, dust, to stick to the wall and even to bend a thin stream of water from the tap.) Experience demonstrates the existence of static electricity. Let's we color the progress of the experience with a ball-magnet, I Know Sweetie you forgot to tell us about static electricity.
Our letters milk dried up. We read the message we wrote on the paper milk? Look the leaves are completely white. How to read the message written in milk? Can guests know?
To manifest, you need to heat the sheet of paper, and ironed it with an iron. And dairy then the letters will darken and become visible. This happened due to the fact that the milk protein, burn at temperatures much lower than paper. Therefore, when heated, the paper remains white, the milk is already dark.
Teacher: Guys, what we did today? (children's responses)
Did you like to do in the lab? (children's responses)
What did you find most interesting? (children's responses)
Found out in the milk is fat. why milk is white. How to identify raw and cooked egg. Even how to write secret messages, and saw how the wool turns the ball into a magnet, drawing experience and asked hare KnowKoo to tell us more another time. Now we need to clean up their desktops and all materials on the site.

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