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Walk-fun "visiting the sun" 2018
2016-02-12, 11:04:38

Who can give me the answer?
In the summer warm in the winter – not!
The whole world warms up,
And fatigue does not know
Smiling from the window,
And his name is all?

Children: The Sun!
Teacher: today We are all splendidly
In the sun, guests invited!
Teacher: And will lead us there the music track. Hands all take, and each other smile. Go under the song "Morning" health gymnastics track.
Teacher: Here we come to the sun, and the road behind
Oh, look, what is it? (the envelope) .
I wonder what's inside. We'll see. (note) .
Note: I, the Sun radiant! Very, very clean!
I love to wash in the puddles to bathe.
And I love poetry about themselves and about the flowers!
Teacher: let's Read verses the sun.
The sun with a cloud again
Hide and seek began to play.
Only the sun hid -
The entire cloud burst into tears.
And as the sun is there -
In the sky rainbow laughs.
Very bright sunshine,
Warm gently and kindly.
Early in the morning to me from the window
Looked important.
Тo play trick beam
To the pink cheek.
Covered all around.
The beam will compress in the hand.
I won't let go
Let me warm hand.
In the summer I will find,
So not everyone will be able.
The sun rose high,
Become the land of light,
Top rays fly
All around warm want!
The sun radiant,
Like a Golden!
Rejoice in the Sun kids!
Let me look out the window,
You see, as it is in heaven
It smiles!
Teacher: Let's See. What is on the twig? (card-sun, for her mysteries). Guys, let's say the answer puzzles that we sent the sun.
Well, who of you will answer:
Not the fire, but painful burns
Not a lantern, and shining brightly,
And not a Baker, but baking? (the sun)
Every morning
He comes in through the window to us.
If he has already entered —
So, the day has come. (solar beam)
From whom, my friends,
Running away does not?
Get to see on a clear day
Next to us is haunting. (shadow)
Here at sky racing horse
From under the feet of the fire flies,
Horse hoof beats of the mighty
And cleaves the clouds.
He runs so hard,
What beneath the earth's shaking. (thunder)
Above the forest, above the mountains
Spread out the carpet.
he vaulted over you
and me,
he's grey, he's blue,
he bright blue. (sky)
With no path and no road
The long-legged walks.
In the clouds hiding in the darkness,
Only feet on the ground.
What happened? Oh-Oh-Oh!
Summer became winter:
White peas
Jump on the track. (deg)
It is unknown where he lives.
Will fly and trees bend.
Depends — on the river shiver.
Mischief — and not to stop. (wind)
Your toy will drink water,
In the tears hits —
There is nothing left. (the cloud) .
For a moment in the ground have grown
Multi-colored wonderful bridge.
Miracle master master
The high bridge without railings. (rainbow)
Teacher: Let's also make a wonderful bridge. (a spray bottle with water, spray the kids, inflate bubbles) .
Teacher: now we'll play:
The game "Sun and Moon".
The goal: the development of agility, flexibility, fine motor coordination, reaction speed, creative and logical thinking, as well as motor, communication and creative skills.
The course of the game.
The game can participate in an unlimited number of people, as long as their number was even. Previously outdoors on the Playground, in the Central part, with the help of children's of crayons draw one straight line, separating it into two halves — left and right. Then all players are divided into two teams with equal number of people in each. Some — command of the Sun, others the moon team. Each team built on their territory, i.e. takes place to either the right or left of the line. The facilitator explains to the participants the rules of the game, which is as follows. By loudly and clearly voiced the team lead: "the Sun! "team Sun begins to catch the players of the opposing team and caught, then takes them with him. Now they have become players of the opposing team and play for them. On the team: "the Moon! "the right to catch and take prisoners transferred to the command of their rivals. Moreover, the player is considered caught if the participant is from a foreign team, as he ran by, touched his hand. The winning result is one team in which the gameplay will be a bigger number of people than to another. The opposing team, respectively, is a loser.

The game "Day-night".
Goal: development of reaction speed, agility, flexibility.
The game begins with the choice of driving that turns away from the other players and says the word "Day".
The game:
At this time, all the players are running-jumping-having fun. The main condition is not to stay in place. On the driving says the word "Night".
At this time everybody has to "sleep" (stand still in those poses in which at that time were). The driving at this point, turns around, when he noticed a player, which is not "sleeping", that speaks loudly about this (including calls, which he noticed movement, and the player is eliminated from the game (or becomes driving, depends on the number of players) .
Teacher: Here we have visited the Sunshine. What is your mood now? (children's responses). Make a gift to the sun? (Production of waste material (lids, banks from kinder). decorative panel "Fun sun".

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