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Walk, Observing plants, flowers 2018
2016-02-11, 10:03:14

The course lessons.

-Guys, what time of the year? What signs you can be the judge of that? (children's responses) .

To draw the attention of children on what a beautiful day today. How can we say about it? Pay attention to the sky. Find out what color it is, is there a cloud? What are they? Invite children to imagine that we found ourselves on a light, white cloud and it will carry us on a journey (psychological gymnastics). And here we land at some plants. You know how it is called? (children's responses) .

-Yes, it's lilac. It is a Bush or a tree? Why do you think so? (children's responses) .

- Did you know that each season follows each other in a certain order and nature gradually prepares for each season? She changes the outfits on the trees and bushes. Look at the lilac Bush. What can we say about it? (children's responses) .

The teacher summarizes.

– Leaves become dark green, dense, leathery. Instead of flowers came brown-gray whisk. What do you think, what is it? (children's responses). Yes, these are the seeds. See what interesting boxes. What are they like? Why do they need? (children's responses).

The teacher draws attention to a snowball tree.

– What's this? How did you know? What she leaves? (children's responses). The teacher summarizes.

– Yes, the leaves become a bright, beautiful, yellow-red, Burgundy and every leaf is different. And here bunches of berries. They are bright red, each berry just as bright. And they taste the bitter-sweet, but very useful. We'll take them in a little group and try. People harvested them for the winter and make them into juice, jam. And leave them on the branches, why do you think? (children's responses). Each berry is a seed. What is seeds? (children's responses) .

Guys, today we reviewed the lilacs and viburnum. How are they similar and different? Do they bring benefit, joy, people, birds? What? (children's responses). Let's collect beautiful leaves of viburnum, lilac, seeds. Will dry them and make a herbarium. Why do we can still need a beautiful dry leaves? (children's responses) .

–Let's be friends with trees, bushes and take care of them. We wish them to be healthy and strong. What other wishes you can say given that soon it will be winter? (children's responses).

The mobile game "called Find a tree."

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