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Walk "watch flowers" 2018
2016-02-11, 10:30:45

To read the poem

Hello, my dear flower,

You bloom like a light,

Sun all day you

Fun caresses, warms rays, rain pours,

Flying a breeze

And playing games with you.

Teacher: this morning when I watered (fed) flower, I thought it a bit sad. And you know what? The flower wants to make friends with each of you. Let's look at the flower! "

The teacher and children come to the plant.

Caregiver on behalf of the flower "Hello, children! How glad I am to see you all around. Let's get acquainted. My name is marigold. But close friends call me the Claw. What's your name? "Children call themselves by name.

The educator invites the children to make friends with a flower, to greet him.

The study of flower marigold

To note, what it consists of? (mild, yellow, orange petals and midway.) Invite children to consider the center of the flower, touch her on the fingers is yellow "dust" pollen. To tell children that bees, butterflies fly to flowers to drink the delicious juice. When the insects sit on the flower, their legs remains a yellow powder, the pollen. So, flying from flower to flower, the insects carry pollen to pollinate the flowers.

Looking at the other colors on the flower garden

Examination of flowers

Note their color, smell, structure.

Different from herbs?

How can we learn about the appearance of colors? (see, touch)

As we feel the smell of flowers? (sniff)

What are the flowers?

Work: loosen the earth in the flower bed. Encourage independence in your work

Didactic game "Know and name the flower"

Caregiver on behalf of the plants asking the children to visit him sometimes.

Guys our flower gives us pictures of marigold (pictures with a picture of a flower lying on the flower bed, hidden in advance) .

Say thank you? children Thank you!

let's say goodbye to the colors "see you soon".

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