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"Watching the bee" 2018
2016-02-11, 19:46:46

People call the bees "the toilers". From ancient times, the bee became useful insects. Bees have big eyes, which she distinguishes perfectly the coloring of the flowers. Especially see the bee blue, violet, white and yellow. Strong jaws of the bee (mandibles) help the insect to soften the wax.
During the summer a bee pollinating a huge number of flowers. Do bees have a head, abdomen, legs. The body of the bee is covered with hairs of black and yellow. With their help she carries pollen from flower to flower. On their hind legs bees are special baskets for collecting pollen. Bee wings translucent, membranous. Tang bee has the shape of a groove and covered with hairs. It sucks sweet flower nectar and water.

Description: before the drought the bees become angrier, more sting; bee on cherry and a mountain ash – to good weather.
Sayings and Proverbs: "the Apple tree for the apples and for the honey bee, little Bee, Yes the honey is sweet", "one bee, and cheerful life".
To work small bee
Not lazy one bit.
From flower to flower
Flies every day.
For miles
From the house the path goes,
But the clever little bee
Always your house will find.
Bit by bit collects
Floral fragrance
And will be honey scented,
I am very pleased!

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