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We are tourists 2018
2016-05-07, 17:46:15

The activity of the child is the main form of his life, a necessary condition for its development, which lays the Foundation and gives the growth prospects of the intellectual potential of the child.
Teacher is important to organize children's activities, including self, to the pupil taught himself the ability to observe, remember, compare, to act, to achieve goals. Being attractive, funny, interesting, arouses curiosity and is quite easy to remember.
Our circle was created thanks to the initiative of the child.
The summer went by, the guys began to return from vacation, they shared their impressions of the summer. Some guys told that in the summer along with their parents traveled and had a rest on the nature. Brought the pictures with great interest viewed and shared experiences. Juliana suggested: "Let's go camping? "The boys agreed, planned events.
Older preschoolers – the most curious and inquisitive people. They are all entertaining in this world, their high cognitive interest, the desire to learn new things, they are still interesting to be around with adults. It is important not to miss this period to lay the fundamentals of tourist and local lore activities.
The problem of realization of children's tourism in preschool today. The uniqueness of children's tourism is that they can be enjoyed at any time of the year.
Tourist and local history activities help develop a child's science communication with peers, adults, the world around them, creates an opportunity for displays of affection in good deeds.
In the course of activities necessary to create conditions for activity, independence and creativity of children, training to turned into a personal need. Activities should be strictly regulated and insufficiently emotionally, should not limit the children to communicate with each other.
The purpose of the program: creating a social situation of development in the process of tourist activities.
This assumes the following tasks:
- to create conditions for introducing children to Hiking, the elements of orientation;
- to create conditions for the development of children's initiative and independence
- to provide conditions for teaching local history skills;
- facilitate communication with adults and peers;
- contribute to the development of Patriotic feelings for our small Motherland, careful attitude to nature.

The main forms of work:
- the decision of problem situations;
- conversations, arguments;
- didactic games;
- target trips, role-play games;
- observation, experimentation, search and research activities;
- reading of literature;
- organization of exhibitions of children's works;
- sports competitions;
We considered:
- Who are the tourists?
- tourism and its types;
- What is a field?
- Rules of conduct at rest
- Rules of behavior of tourists in nature
- got acquainted with tourist equipment
"Going Hiking"
"Who is going faster"
In the summer we are planning:
"What is the weather Station? "
The Organization "The Weather Station"
The post tourists
Rules, laws, traditions tourists
The organization of a camp
In the future, to organize a camping trip with their parents.
In the course of the study group children showed initiative and independence in selecting partners and materials.
The children were given some kind of problem situation Who are the tourists? provide materials, for solving problems, and finding solutions to this situation.
Children tend to talk a lot, i.e. provide the conditions for children to Express their opinions.
Us teachers, it is important to organize children's activities so that the pupil taught himself the ability to observe, remember, compare, to act, to achieve goals. Being attractive, funny, interesting, arouses curiosity and is quite easy to remember. We should not forget that especially memorable, and lingers long in the memory of the material with whom the child was doing something he: felt, cut, built, was, portrayed. Children should experience creative activities, new ideas, updating of previous knowledge in solving new problems.
Thus, properly organized subject environment and its substantive content, a number of effective methods and techniques, as well as close interaction with parents, organization of joint practical activities of adults and children are important conditions for the maintenance and development of children's initiatives.

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