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«Welcome to England!» 2018
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1. Intensification of use in speech vocabulary on the topics "Colors", "Animals", "Transport", "Toys".
2. The repetition and consolidation of accounts from 1 to 8.
3. The development of the ability to find rhyming words.
4. Consolidation of previously studied English rhymes "Rain, Rain, go away", "Hikkory Dikkory".
5. Familiarity with the new lexical unit is an umbrella.
6. The development of listening skills, articulation, motor skills, memory, attention.
7. Exposing children to the sights of London.

cards with sounds, big pictures, a bus, a car, a plane; map of the world, 5 flags out of cardboard, colored pencils (red, green, blue, yellow) for each coloring "umbrella" for everyone audio "Rain, Rain, go away"; presentation "Sights of London" videos "Hikkory Dikkory"; pictures of a dog, a frog, a mouse, a house, a ball, a doll, a car, a star, a bear, a hare; 5 bridges out of cardboard, playing "Ferris Wheel", computer, overhead projector, flipchart, carpet.
I. Organizational moment.

It's English time! Hello girls and boys! I'm glad to see you!

Let's wish to each other good morning! All together!

Good morning! Good morning! (Movement of the hands to the sides)

And how are you?

Good morning! Good morning!

I'm fine! Thank you!

II. Phonetic exercises.

Let's wake up our tongue! Wake up our tongue.
[o], [o:], , [u:], [a:], [^], , [i:]
III. Work with the vocabulary.

Post topic

- Children, today I invite you will travel to England and visit its capital - London. (show on the map England and London)

-Guys, you know, it looks like the English flag? Will be able to learn from many flags? (offer children 5 flags, one of the children goes out and finds the right flag)

Well done! Well done!

-Distance between Russia and England is not small, so we'll need transport. Do you think what we can with you to get to England? (a bus, a car, a plane, a train)

-Today at our disposal – a car, a bus, a plane.

Let's start our trip! Stand up! Make a circle! (children stand in a circle, large pictures of transport hanging on the chairs)

Let's start our journey by car! Let's go by car!

P1 (either one of the children,take a car, drive a car! (Peter, operate the machine. Peter takes a picture of the car, all the kids behind him)

One lap with the words – I go by car! N – Y+1

-Stop! Let's change a transport! P2, take a bus, drive a bus!

One lap with the words – I go by bus! N – Y+1

-Stop! Let's change a transport! P3, take a plane, fly a plane!

One lap with the words - I fly by plane! N – Y+1

OK,’ girls and boys. Welcome to England! Welcome to England!

The song "Rain, Rain...", coloring umbrella

(sound of rain) Oh, guys, it's raining. Rainy weather happens often in England. After the rain falls the mist, and therefore is often called England "Albion".

Let us sing the song "Rain, Rain go away", that would get rid of the rain. Let's sing a song! (song)

Guys, what subject is needed if the sudden rain? Umbrella - an umbrella. N – Y+1

Let us in case take with them the umbrellas of a sudden it starts to rain. (hand out the coloring pages umbrella and pencils in the trays)

That would spice up our umbrellas and make them more bright and colorful, colour them. (each pencil 4) Take the pencil that I will call: Take a red pencil. Take a green pencil. Take a yellow pencil. Take a blue pencil.

OK’. Very well! We continue our journey.

Big Ben

- We are located in the capital of England – London. London is an ancient and a little fairytale town. There are a lot of old castles, cathedrals, bridges and towers. Here is the famous English clock tower, called big Ben. So another name is the great bell of this tower. That chimes were heard far around, on all watch towers hung the bell. These bells rang, and the sound rang out across the land and the people by the ring could tell the time. So, on this tower had five bells. The loudest and the larger one is called "big Ben". And called him not just. Many years ago, when they began to build this tower, its construction was directed by an Englishman, Benjamin Hall. He was so tall that the builders and friends called him big Ben (big Ben). Not long after I started calling the loudest and the great bell tower – big Ben. People used to say big Ben when the clock that soon the tower itself became known only as: the big Ben.

- Guys, you know the song about the hours in which the mouse tried to climb up? Let's sing a song "Hikkory Dikkory"! Let's sing a song! Stand up! (watch the video, sing a song + motion)

Tower bridge

- And this is the old London bridge. Now this bridge is durable, reliable, and in ancient times it was made of wood.

- Guys, let's play! We have 5 bridges that connect the rhyming words. (on the Board 5 bridges) At one end of the bridge there is already a picture. Your task is to pass the bridge from one rhyme to another, and hang it on the second edge.

A dog – a frog, a bear, a hare; a mouse – a house; a ball – a doll; a car a star. (children one by one go out and find a rhyme)

- Good! Well! Our journey continues.

London Eye

Is the Ferris Wheel called the London eye (the London eye) and it is situated on the banks of the river Thames in the heart of London. Almost every visitor to London wants to rise to great heights. And the height of the highest point is 135 meters above the ground. This is about level 45 floors.

And our next game is called "Ferris Wheel", but to ride it, not tourists, and the animals. Let's find out what animals are sitting in the booths. Each cabin has its own number. I call room lockers, and you say, what animal is riding on it. (number from 1 to 8 animals – a pig, a mouse, a crocodile, a tiger, a fox, an elephant, a frog, a monkey, a horse)

-Well done! Well done!

IV. Result.

-No matter how well the guests, but these travelers always long for their Homeland. As the English say : "Home, home, sweet home" (Home sweet home). Guys, take your place in our magical plane, time to go home. (children sit on their chairs) Close your eyes! (closed eyes)

-Up-down, up-down.

Which is the way to Voronezh town?

Where, where?

Up in the air.

Open your eyes and you are there. (children opened my eyes)

- So ended our journey to England. Do you like it? - Children, thank you for good job. I wish you good luck! Children, thanks for the great work. I wish you good luck!

It's time to say Good bye!

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