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"Why the nose?" — summary of open classes in valeology for preschool age 2018
2016-05-02, 21:09:06

Teacher: Guys, all sitting comfortably?. Today we have an interesting exercise. We will travel and will play.
Last class we talked about the air. And now you already know that we all, people breathing: inhaled and exhaled air.
And what do we need?. Nose
All animals, all people have noses
Important noses, noses are needed not only for beauty
And no sneezing, and no breath without a nose we can't...

Look at each other, it is the same if all noses? Something they are similar, but at the same time, each person has a unique nose. And each in his own good.
What do you think, and what in the nose holes.
Not for the same, to poke there fingers!
Here we only touch them, and now let's gather in the air. What do you feel?
He runs inside through the holes. These hole – like a tunnel with two entrances. He is as short as the word "nose".
Now, let's go on a journey, let's fly along with the air through these tunnels and see what is there.
(Breathing exercise) To do this, start your engines. Inhale –exhale –u –u –u –u
Attention! Fly in the nose. (Picture diagram)
Look who is next to go! Every speck of dust, as on the airplane, hundreds of germs settled! Look inside the nose has lots of hairs. Dust gets stuck with passengers, there is so much caught!
And the rest, what happened? Fly on... Get with you in a pink cave. Caution! The walls here covered with a special Velcro.
Yeah, that and the other pirates – germs, stuck! How many of them there on the wall hanging like bats in this cave.
And where then these bats go? ... (children's responses)
Fly in a handkerchief. Here's what happens from a cold! Is the nose cries when with these "mice" can not handle. It's not tears, and liquid Velcro, whose nose washes away germs from their walls.
Experience: 0. 5 l. a Bank of sand, cover the plastic with a rubber bulb
Look, I'll let the air in the jar, and you will see how the dust flies in the air.
When the street is a lot of dust: winter or summer? ... In the summer
Let's stop and rest for a while
Turn off the motors. (breathing exercise) u – u – u – u (high – low – quiet)
The p. T. break:
knock, heel stomp
In cricket spinning dance, whirling
A grasshopper without an error playing the violin
Performed a waltz on the violin.
Butterfly wings flashing strokes of his hands
With ant it flies, circling
Crouches in reverence bow
And again spinning in the dance. whirl
Under marching fun dance moves
Dashing dancing spider.
Loudly clapping her hands clapping
All tired our legs.

Sat down quietly. Ready to start the engines. (Breathing exercise) Inhale – exhale – u – u – u – u
Flew on to new adventures.
But sometimes the nose is actually crying real tears. When? ...
When it fist hit? – No, when through hot, dry air sweeps. It can burn delicate lungs, therefore, from the lacrimal lake, the lacrimal rivers flow into the nose lacrimal these streams and humidify the air.
But if the cold air rush?
Here now it is winter, cold. Why you need to breathe through the nose? .... (answers of children)
Because the nose warms the air, hot blood heating. In the pink cave a lot of very thin tubes through which flows the blood and, as in the locomotive boiler, heats the air. So in cold weather you definitely need to breathe through the nose.
And then we can what? ... (sick)
Here guys, the pink tunnel and the cave we passed. Now, remember what we talked about, what are some important work to do (function) executes our nose? (Children's responses, reasoning)
The nose is only the beginning of air getting in our body. Where did he next go? The nose opens to us the gates of the cave into the throat, where there are two tunnels: the food and air. Here's a wind tunnel and gets into our lungs.
When we inhale air, the lungs fill with air, and when exhaled, then deflate like a balloon.
Experience: inflate and deflate a balloon.
Let's take a deep breath, hands on his chest! I feel our chest rising in it a lot of air. Now slowly exhale – chest down – air comes out.
Well, that's light we'll talk in the next lesson.
And now our journey is over. Let's have a rest.
Finger gymnastics.
Will fingers to count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 bend
Strong, supportive, all these are necessary compressible Cams
On the other hand, again 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 compressible and unbend fingers
Fingers quick, although not very clean off
A riddle:
Between the two stars, I'm in the middle of one (nose)
Well done properly. Well, now you know that our amazing noses we need for proper breathing. And yet we can discern different smells. Smells spread through the air. And so we feel them.
Experience: Now we are going to play. close your eyes and pinch his nose. (spray air freshener) now remove the hand that you feel has changed the air smell?.

I have this box with a secret. You with your eyes closed must identify by smell what it is. (orange, onion, lemon, garlic, black pepper) cause by turn 4 – 5 kids (the other guys play after class)
Well done guys, well answered questions, worked hard.
Did you enjoy our trip?.
To offer children a taste of lemon, orange, onion, garlic (cut into slices).
The class was over.

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