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Mathematical game "ladybugs".

Objective: to Secure ideas about the part numbers of the two smaller numbers (within 10) .

Material: cards with the image of a Ladybird and the wings with dots.

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Purpose: to Introduce with the quantitative composition of the number 3 of units.
To introduce with the composition of the number 3.
To consolidate the ability to write the numbers 1, 2, the signs " + " and "-".
To learn to formulate arithmetic.
Learning to understand the task and solve it yourself.
To form skills of self-monitoring and self-evaluation.

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The tale of the parts of the day "Four Princess"

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Objectives: to develop the ability of children to compare objects by length, create patterns by combining colors and shapes; learn to distinguish between "morning - evening", "day and night"; to fix the ability to select objects of the same color.
Materials: toys –Teddy bear, kitten; 2 towels of different colors and length; on each child, cardboard with glued narrow strips of colored paper (5-6 colors, circles of the same color; a poster with the image of the sun (an eye-opening, with wide open eyes, with closed eyes, closed eyes) and with a movable arrow in the center.

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Topic: Parts of the day.
The goals of the activity teacher:
To familiarize with parts of the day, their symptoms;
To clarify, what hours and minutes are day;
To develop curiosity, observation, desire to respect the day.
Planned results of development of integrative qualities: The child independently asks questions to an adult
He turns to an adult in case of difficulty, and needs to act independently.
Interested information, know what watch.
Applies the internalized knowledge on their own, able to work in rule and the sample.
Activities:communication;cognitive research.
Integration of educational areas: Cognition;Socialization; Physical education.

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Today I want to show you a Master class on making Christmas toys "Clock" from matchbox

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foam thickness of 5 cm.
candy 200-300 gr. preferably a square or rectangular shape
coloured cardboard
colored ORACAL
colored metallic snowflakes 4 PCs.
Christmas tree tinsel small
Christmas toys small 2 PCs.
this spruce twig
a piece of mesh for flowers
spray "Snow".
glue the rod silicone
gun to heat the glue
needles for DIY 5 PCs.
any soft plastic clock hands (cover)

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In our group there is a clock Museum, which is located in the locker room. At first there were hours from home, which is no longer worn or out of order, then of the house of the parents and friends who learned of our collection, just gave them to us.

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Topic: making teaching AIDS "Line account".
Task: development of basic mathematical abilities in children 4-5 years in accordance with the requirements of the GEF.
1. To form representations about the number and account.
2. To train the ability to recognize and name geometric shapes.
3. To consolidate knowledge of colours.
For work we need:
1 color carton;
2 corrugation paperboard;
3 transparent Scotch;
4 colour folder – storesintel.

The order of execution of work.

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Goal: familiarity with the ordinal value of the number
Educational objectives:
- continue to learn to read within 8 in English and Chuvash languages;
- learn to compare objects by two attributes size (length, width, height)
- learn to identify the results of the comparison words: longer, wider, shorter, already, between, left-right;
Educational objectives:
- to form positive motivation to participate in educational activities.
- to strengthen the knowledge of traffic rules (the ability to cross the road at traffic lights) ;
- to educate and goodwill to all road users.
Educational objectives:
- to develop observation, attention, imagination.

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