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Tasks: to form an idea of how significant symptom of the phenomenon, to develop abstract imagination, like memory, associative thinking by analogy.
To encourage an aesthetic attitude to the figures, interest in design, to continue to teach children to reason, to think logically, to justify the selected decision options, and to promote emotional rapprochement of adults and children, to cultivate in children the ability to communicate kindly.
Equipment: Mathematical theater in a box, a doll – figure
The king Unit, picture oak, oak leaves, drawings, riddles, figures of animals for showing tales "Different wheels".

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1. To meet with a number and a digit.
2. To acquaint with the formation of the number 3 by adding one to the number 
3. To strengthen the notion of high - low.
4. Refinement and consolidation of concepts small - large, large, smaller, smallest.

1. Figures of the three bears.
2. Pictures of cooking utensils. Toy stove, toy set the pots and pans.
3. The card with the number 3.
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1 Development of ideas about the appearance, the properties of potatoes and other vegetables, the development of motor skills through the ability to pound and to add salt to the potatoes

2. To expand, clarify and reinforce the vocabulary on the theme "Vegetables"

3. To develop the desire to search activity: proposing simple hypotheses

4. The development of action use of symbols the individual properties of objects (color, shape, size) in the analysis of vegetables

5. To raise the need for eating vegetables and fruits, to nurture the need to wash their hands while eating and cooking

6. Teaching children to do self-analysis of their actions.

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Objective: explore the formation of the number "4". Improving the perception of children about the form of objects.
Objectives: to Show the children the formation of the number "4", to learn to read within "4", to answer the question "how many? "
To develop the skills of oral accounts in the range "4" Improvement ideas about the form of objects; symbol word shape of real objects.
To develop logical thinking, attention.
Materials and equipment: toys 4 animals (hedgehog, rabbit, squirrel, bear, cheesecake.
Bag of toys: a ball, a cube, pyramid, Apple, carrot, Christmas tree. Three large geometric shapes: circle, square, triangle.

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Topic: "How children figure 5 saved"
Purpose: to Bring children the joy and fun of games to develop focus. To maintain interest in intellectual activity and a desire to play games with mathematical content
Learning objectives:
Continue to learn to write and solve simple arithmetic problems on addition and subtraction of numbers within 10; to be able to call neighbors, to put signs between numbers; be able to navigate it on paper; to be able to connect the dots
• To consolidate the knowledge about the sequence of days of the week, seasons, months of the year;
• the ability to navigate on a sheet of paper, the knowledge about geometric shapes.

.To develop logical thinking, attention, memory
Continue to teach children geometric shapes to lay out a given follower

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The abstract classes in the middle group "journey into the world of figures and numbers"
Software maintenance : develop cognitive abilities of children: the ability to find answers to problematic issues, to solve a problem situation.Continue to teach to group geometric shapes by shape, color;determining the location of an object relative to itself. To foster a love of mathematics.
Activation of mathematical vocabulary : big, smaller, small, the same.
Equipment :a letter is a mystery, a set of geometric shapes, bucket 3 colors, landscape the leaves, which are pasted bucket 3 colors and the rain drops, planar shapes of the houses, the characters of fairy tales, cut pictures.

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