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"Dance and fitness" 2018
2016-11-04, 19:41:58
Program objectives:
- freeze, step, toe, step side (face in a circle and in a circle, pococi.
- to acquaint with the concepts of "aerobics" (rhythmic gymnastics, rhythm, "Olympics", aerobic exercise;
- create the ability to perform movements in accordance with a predetermined rhythm;
- to form an idea about the sport in the dance;
- to improve ability to expressively sing the familiar musical and rhythmic exercises;
- to develop cognitive and creative abilities of children, sense of rhythm, musical ear, expression, orientation in space, the emotional feelings among the pupils;
- to foster a culture of behavior in the classroom;
- to inculcate the interest towards dance, through new images in the dance (sport).
laptop, music, children's music.
The time and place of the event: gym
Children's clothing:
for girls – choreography swimwear, skirts, ballet Slippers,
for boys - shorts, white t-shirt, gym shoes.
Preliminary work:
Talk about sports, about the benefits of physical activity, rhythmic gymnastics, exercises, ground exercises, on sports.
learning musical - rhythmic games: "Horse", "young gymnasts", "We will go first to the right..."etc.
the story of the teacher about the Olympics, about the use of classes in choreography.

Sounds sports March. Children come into the space and built into place.

Teacher: Hello guys! I'm glad to see you! I see that you have a good mood, I hope it will remain the same throughout the classes. Greet each other with a bow
(performing the dance of the bow).

-Today our lesson will be held under the motto: "Movement is life!"
This expression has great meaning, but I want to use it to show the connection between dance and sport. Who knows what is aerobics?

There is this kind of sport as aerobics-gymnastics, consisting of exercises to rhythmic music, which helps monitor the rhythm of the exercise. (teacher shows the exercises)

Do you think that I just demonstrated? This is the aerobics exercise!

It includes walking, running, jumping, exercises on flexibility. The result of regular aerobic exercise — keeping the body toned, the muscles and skin, General health of the body. Used in preventive and therapeutic purposes. Aerobics also known as rhythmic gymnastics.

It turns out we are with you every students perform rhythmic exercises, I teach you to do all the dance exercises rhythmically.

Every day we hear some rhythm (listen to sounds).

Rain rhythmically taps on the windowsill, the rhythm heard in music, the rhythmic sound of heels, and the engine in the car also works on a special rhythm. Do you know what is the rhythm?

With the help of rhythm musicians understand how to play a work, and in dancing this feature is important for setting the dimensions of the steps. (teacher demonstrates the rhythmic claps, steps)

I suggest you perform a musical and rhythmic warm-UPS as the children's song "we Need sports to get involved"! (performed rhythmic warm-up)

- Well done! Feel like beating rhythmically in your heart? Your body is warmed up and ready to continue working. Offer to sit in a comfortable position on the carpet! And I will introduce you to new music (listen to the songs of "Hockey", "Football", "Olympics"). How is dance sport? In addition, dance classes are already a physical training your body, in a choreography can create and implement any image. We can turn into players, and players.... Today we have the image of the sport, and these athletes are smart, agile and skillful.

I propose to perform the dance "aerobics!"

- Well done! Great you did it! Real athletes!

And you know what the Olympic games? Yes, well done, the Olympic games bring together many sports. Let's play a little, and we play sports on the magic carpet (sit on the carpet, held parterre gymnastics).

He closed his eyes, and turn into gymnasts.

5. Exercises with gymnastic mats (background Music).

Exercise Kolobok

Sitting on their butts, legs bent at the knees pressed to chest, arms around legs, roll back and back.

Exercise "Butterfly"

Sitting on their butts, legs bent at the knees and raise in hand.

Exercise "Tumbler"

From "Butterfly" sway from side to side, hands holding socks.

Exercise "Table"

Lying on your back, legs bend, to lean on the floor, raise the ass up.

Exercise "Soldier"

On his knees, hands pressed to the side seams, the fold-back case and return to the starting position.

Exercise "Cat"

Standing on all fours, Flex back down - kind cat, up - evil cat.

Exercise "Dolphin"

Lying on his stomach, hands to the pole in front of the chest, emerges dolphins - Flex back, arms straighten.

Exercise "Swing"

Lying on her stomach, legs alternately up and hands down, hands up and feet down.

Exercise "Basket"

Prone Flex the back, legs bent, need to get head to toe.

The Exercise Of "Ring"

Lying on his stomach, legs bent at the knees, clasp the feet with your hands, bend the back.

The Exercise On "Rest"

On your knees, sit on heels, back bent forward, hands stretched.

Congratulations, you became even more flexible! You were wonderful athletes! Again close your eyes, you are again children in the kindergarten! Let's stay active and sporty! After all, "Movement is life!"

And I wish you good health, after all, is the main goal of our dance classes!

Children perform a bow and leave

There are in music and dance

The movement, rhythm and tone.

And we all stand up straight,

And make a bow.

Fulfill bow, come out of the room under the marsh.
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