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Internet technology and modern music 2018
2016-07-10, 13:09:33
Successful socialization and professional adaptation of the child depends on the changing purposes of education as a social institution and broadcast a certain amount of knowledge (from teacher to student, to the formation of information culture of the child, is able not to "drown" in the surrounding ocean of information, and be able to transform it into their own knowledge, increase his intrinsic motivation.

There is a change of educational paradigm: there are different content, different approaches, different right, different attitude, different behavior, a different pedagogical mindset.

• The most important component of the teaching process becomes

learner-centered the interaction of teacher with students.

• A special role is given to the spiritual education of the individual, the formation of the moral character of the Person.

• The integration of educational factors: a kindergarten, school, family, micro and macro-society.

In Russian education proclaimed the principle of variety, which gives the opportunity to choose and design a pedagogical process for any model, including copyrights.

Preschool not only gives knowledge, but also educates. In the education music development plays an important role introducing children to the art, are formed ability to see beauty, to admire him, to live in it. Music education is one of the areas of art and is focused on the formation of musical and aesthetic tastes and ideals, abilities to the artistic perception of music, as well as the development of creative thinking of the child.

The children are developing a love for music, teach musical understanding and artistic works produced a personal relation to the various forms and genres are shaped the aesthetic tastes and affections.

New to music lessons is the use of new teaching technologies, active solution of educational tasks, and most importantly – the Informatization of the educational process.

Music activity – singing and listening, and play, and the development of speech and artistic taste. This activity is integrative began: music, visual arts, literature, and speech arts. To teach to understand the complex world of music is impossible without the use of technology (video, tape recording, listening to music CDs) .

Internet resources in educational process, use of audio information, video information, taken from the video hosting you tube, and also in the process of hearing familiar music with the visuals of works of art at a music lesson.

The music Director can turn off the sound and ask the child to comment on the process, stop frame and propose to continue the description of the further course of the process, arrange a virtual tour of musical and artistic route.

Is providing visibility into the process of learning new material, a child's inclusion in the information field of the studied processes and phenomena (guessing, virtual-game color mixing, the ratio of music and artistic works) .

Methodical piggy Bank is enriched with useful links of sites, portals, which is a necessary training material.

For the organization of network interaction of DOU and family, it is sufficient to use two of the interactive services provided to users by Google: docs and calendar.

Key features of Google Calendar provide:

joint users have access to the calendar;

the combination of calendars of different users;

notify users of calendar events.

The calendar is convenient to embed them in your blog and website, tracking schedule and open events, tours, it specifies the location and description of upcoming events and provides

link to related documents.

Network office, built on Google's technology allows educational institution to use another tool – an interactive questionnaires.

The questionnaire constructed from prefabricated elements and posted online, allows to conduct surveys of various categories of participants of educational process, including parents. Data of completed questionnaires are automatically generated in a pivot table. Built-in tools Google provide to the author the possibility of automatic statistical processing of survey results, build charts.

The created form can be sent by post and/or publish to the web and/or insert to your page (website or blog).

The results of the responses are stored all in one place and presented in tabular form. Music site music Director:

Stimulates interest in the subject

Facilitates its perception

activation cognitive role of the child

using new, personality oriented content

expanding educational opportunities: the site is

conditions for independent musical-creative activity of students outside of school time;

The role of self-assessment

Expand the possibilities of learning materials and their capabilities

there is an active inclusion of parents in the educational process

The website has subsections, which are reflected in the navigation sidebar and a horizontal panel and divided into partitions.

Thematic integrity of the site – combining authoring of lessons, content, product demonstrations children activities, a survey of parents, news, and schedule of music classes, and outdoor activities, music, presentations, musical and pictorial visualization of the images.

Blogger is a very convenient and versatile tool that aims to convey information from the author to the readers.

Reasons for the popularity of weblogs.

1. easy when you create a blog and publish with ease material.

2. ease of organization and provision of interactive communication between authors and readers; the possibility of creating online communities.

3. the growing Internet accessibility and speed of dissemination of information

Blog music head can contain both the primary and secondary text, audio or video material selected by the teacher in the network. This material will be selected by the teacher, and thus students in class or at home don't have to deal with advertising or unwanted content. You can put the task to the material available after the class (presentation, video, text documents, links to other resources, for example, from a home computer. In this case, based on the materials of the blog can be built in practical work with families.

Settings blog give the opportunity to organize the work in a closed group

users, for example colleagues or students and their parents

or individual work with students.

Thus, the direction of information and communication technologies contribute to:

the development of the world of the child, its creative abilities, research and communicative competence;

the formation of the ability to communicate, to analyze, to systematize information on the topic;

included active in the learning process.

Create a music website, blog, interactive Google: calendar and documents are educational tools built on the basis of the content of teaching AIDS in music for children, promote musical culture of children.

The introduction of Internet technologies in the educational process promote the unity of goals and outcomes aimed at changing the educational environment of the modern preschool.

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