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Abstract classes in an application in preparatory group


• To teach children to make three-dimensional application of geometric shapes, correctly transmitting their relative value

• To consolidate the ability to transform a rectangle into squares and to carve out of them the same details

• Fix the ability to paste items in increasing order of their number (triangles) and reduce their size (circles)

• Continue to learn nice to have the details on a sheet of paper

• To develop the skills of careful and careful attitude to the material.

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OBJECTIVE: to strengthen the children's knowledge about animals of the North, about their life in nature. To secure the ability to accurately execute the application.
Program objectives:
1. To develop the ability to perform three-dimensional image with the help of woolen threads.
2. To foster an interest in the preparation work in pairs.
3. To develop spatial thinking and imagination.
4. To develop children's ability to describe and make a story.
5. To consolidate the ability to work with glue, scissors, paper to work with templates.
6. Foster care, the work culture.

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The types of child activities: games, productive, communicative, and cognitive research.


to teach children to connect the parts according to the model and show a teacher, is to Teach exactly cut rectangular objects along the lines - markings (cf.) . To develop motor skills, memory, speech and imagination of children.

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Synopsis a comprehensive organized educational activity on the formation of elementary mathematical concepts and artistic creativity – of an application in the 2 younger group.

"Long – short, longer – shorter.

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very INTERESTING IS work when ripped out of a newspaper or magazine, you can create an interesting picture.

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Software maintenance:
- To teach children to draw rain, putting the brush all the bristles to paper.
- To consolidate knowledge of colours.
- To cultivate accuracy when working with brush and paint.

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Integration of educational areas:

"Communication", "Cognition", "Perception of literature", "Art", "Music", "Physical culture"


To create conditions for formation at children of skills of drawing of a giraffe in the technique of "painting with handprints and cotton buds".

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To develop artistic and creative abilities using non-traditional painting techniques.

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Synopsis immediate educational activities in the second youngest group on the theme: "fashion House".

Integration of educational areas: "Artistic creativity", "Communication", "Music", "Knowledge" (the formation of a holistic picture of the world, "Work".

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Lexography (Blot paint) is one of such techniques of drawing, which is loved by both children and adults. With the help of blots and flow of air, and unusual silhouettes, which are then the artists turn in the trees, fairy-tale characters, flowers, and more. The kids and I drew a very great pleasure. The kids especially liked to draw a straw, after lunch, the children were again asked to draw. They took home beautiful pictures, and parents were pleased with the day, looking at the excited and happy faces of their children. Just a few drops of paint and you first he does not know that you can still succeed. But art attracts and fascinates. Drawing, you simply enjoy the beauty of this action!

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