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Students with visual impairment should be allowed a few minutes to rest their eyes. Musical therapy and special exercises are ineffective
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Step aerobics is a rhythmic movement up and down on a special step platform, the height of which varies depending on the difficulty level of the exercise.

Step aerobics develops mobility in joints, forms the foot arch, trains balance, strengthens the muscular system, improves flexibility, plasticity, restores vitality of the body, normalizes the cardiovascular system, helps to develop good posture, beautiful, expressive and precise movements, contributes to the harmonious development.

This technology does not require purchasing expensive equipment. Enough stepper bench, with a maximum height of 8 cm, width — 25 cm, length 40 cm, covered with soft leatherette which can be made with your own hands.
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A set of exercises.

Topic: "We are friends"

Exercises in bed

1. "We woke up" I. p: lie on back, hands behind his head.

-- raise your straight legs and arms up in front of chest.

-- to spread his legs and arms out to the side.

- to reduce leg and hands in front of chest.

-- return to starting position.

(repeat 4 times, moderate pace) ...
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The Game "What? Where? When?" dedicated to the Olympic games

Participants are invited to choose from 4 possible answers is correct. After students answer the question, the correct answer is displayed on the presentation slide. So guys, check yourself.

New card in question is issued after verification of the results of answer to the previous question.
Physical education | Views: 1232 | Added: Admin | Date: 2016-08-14

Game techniques in conducting classes in physical education

The use of gaming techniques in physical education classes, during leisure and entertainment, Wellness and corrective work.
Games in kindergarten | Views: 1282 | Added: Admin | Date: 2016-07-10

the programme for physical development of "Childhood" is the required minimum skills for physical education in kindergarten. For the third, fourth, fifth and sixth years of life
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Objectives: to Train the children in walking and running in pairs; in the coordination of movements at performance of exercises with hoops. To improve crawling on all fours in the "tunnel"; walk the cord and crawl lying on the bench, pulling on his hands. To teach correctly, to climb a gymnastic ladder up and down. To nurture in children a sense of empathy and collectivism.

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Educational area "Physical culture"

Integration of educational areas "Cognition", "Communication", "literature", "Health"

Program objectives:

1. To continue to improve motor skills of children:

2. To consolidate children's knowledge about nature;

3. To cultivate independence, creativity, interest in physical education.

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Equipment: the Scenery of a winter forest, three Christmas trees, two trees, eight-sided dice, the layout of the den, pictures and footprints of animals and birds.

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- strengthen the foot muscles; is to provide training correct nasal breathing.
- to develop the skills of hopping on one foot, to achieve a strong repulsion; throwing in a moving target lightweight items in the game "Snowballs"; tossing and catching a lightweight items with the bangs and without;

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