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Step aerobics in kindergarten 2018
2016-09-29, 20:50:37
Step aerobics is a rhythmic movement up and down on a special step platform, the height of which varies depending on the difficulty level of the exercise.

Step aerobics develops mobility in joints, forms the foot arch, trains balance, strengthens the muscular system, improves flexibility, plasticity, restores vitality of the body, normalizes the cardiovascular system, helps to develop good posture, beautiful, expressive and precise movements, contributes to the harmonious development.

This technology does not require purchasing expensive equipment. Enough stepper bench, with a maximum height of 8 cm, width — 25 cm, length 40 cm, covered with soft leatherette which can be made with your own hands.

Work with steamy start with some simple but important rules:

1. Follow the steps in the center of a step platform;

2. Put on a step platform on the entire sole of the foot when climbing and going down, place your foot toe to heel before taking the next step;

3. Falling from a step platform, just stand close enough to her. Not to deviate from the step platform more than the length of the foot;

4. Not to start teaching children the work of the hands until they are mastered to perfection, movements of the legs;

5. Not rise and fall with the step platform, standing back to her;

6. To do the step with ease, not to hit the step - platform feet.

Then comes the learning of basic elements:
1. The basic step
2. Step feet apart, feet together.
3. Side step touch on the platform or on the floor.
4. Steps rise to the platform and bent leg forward (various)
5. Touch the platform with the toe of the free foot.
6. Step through the platform
7. Lunges to the side and back
8. Side steps right, left, forward, backward, with turns.
9. The steps on the corner
10. In – step
11. A – step
12. jumps (jumping on a platform on one leg)
13. Jumping
14. The upper part of the back muscles. Lying on my stomach on a step-platform, shins are on the floor, arms bent, forearms up. To allocate hands back, to return to I. p.
15. Boat on the belly.
16. The adductor muscles of the thigh. Lying on your side, put the "upper" leg on the platform. Works (lifts up) the "lower" leg.
17. Push-UPS in push-up position to more difficult if the foot is fixed on the platform.
18. Focus back, use the edge of the platform, is a good exercise for the triceps.
19. A series of exercises for the abdominal muscles it is advisable to perform lying on his back on the platform.
20. The chassis – side gallop to the side, small steps.

Exercises for step aerobics are selected primarily cyclical in nature (basically, it's walking, causing the activity of the circulatory and respiratory system, enhancing the metabolism, simple in its motor structure.

The set of exercises consists of the preparatory and main part. The preparation part provides heating of the body, prepare it for the main exercise. All the exercises of the main part performed on the step in a light dance rhythm with a small amplitude. Ends with a complex of aerobic exercises on breath and relaxation, performed in a slow tempo.

One complex step aerobics, as a complete lesson, performed by the children within three months, some of the exercises as they are learning can change and become more complex.

Step aerobics is a cheerful music that will be familiar to children. You can use contemporary pop music. Most importantly, it was rhythmic, cheerful and emotional.

Collective classes of children accompanied by music perceived by the pupils a lot better, increase their emotionality. Performing joint exercises, the children do not feel discomfort and uncertainty even if not everything.

In kindergarten we use the following variants of step aerobics:

• in the form of health coaching nature with children of senior preschool age, duration 25-35 min.;
• as part of the lesson (duration 10 to 15 min.) in the form of a yell from objects without;
• in the form of morning exercises that enhances its health and emotional effect;
• in the demonstrations children on holidays;
• how step fun;

Step-up platform is used variously:
• as the equipment for forming the main kinds of movements: running, walking, jumping, crawling;
• for outdoor games for both kids older and younger,
• for relay races,
• to perform rhythmic compositions, dance moves, ignorance and elements of Evridiki;
• for individual and independent motor activity.

An approximate complex of morning gymnastics on the steppes of with sultaniye

(senior preschool age)

Stepan laid out in a checkerboard pattern.

The introductory part. Walking around the steps with change of direction, running a "snake".

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