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The Game "What? Where? When?" dedicated to the Olympic games 2018
2016-08-14, 09:53:16
The Game "What? Where? When?" dedicated to the Olympic games
Participants are invited to choose from 4 possible answers is correct. After students answer the question, the correct answer is displayed on the presentation slide. So guys, check yourself.

New card in question is issued after verification of the results of answer to the previous question.
How many rings in the Olympic emblem?

1. Five 2. Ten

3. Six 4. Four


What is lit at the Olympic games?

1. Fire 2. Torch

3. Candle 4. Flashlight


Sounds like the Olympic motto?

1. Faster! Higher! Stronger! 2. Run! Jump! Metail!

3. Higher! Stronger! Faster! 4. Jump! Run! Metail!


The Olympic games are (for the time of year):

1. Winter 2. Summer

3. Spring 4. Autumn


Where were the first Olympic games?

1. Greece 2. Italy

3. Russia 4. Egypt


Than award the winners of the Olympics?

1. Cup 2. Medal

3. Diploma 4. Candy


Name the mascots of the Olympic games in Sochi 2014

1. Leopard 2. Hare

3. White bear 4. Cock


In the Olympic games includes:

1. Paralympics 2. Camp

3. Sports day 4. Olympics

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