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Objective: to create motivation of children for a healthy lifestyle.
1. To give children's ideas about germs. Their useful and harmful features.
2. Consolidate the knowledge of the importance of vitamins for the human body.
3. To fix the rules of personal hygiene.
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The lesson:


1. Forming motivation to healthy way of life through learning in the play activities of hygienic behavior.

2. To extend the range of action of children's self, to help you to learn personal hygiene, meaningful use.

3. To develop positive emotions and friendliness, the ability to communicate with peers and adults.

Material: Trees and shrubs, soft toys (Bunny, wolf, bear, a box with different pieces of fabric, a comb, a bag with brushes (vacuum cleaner, clothes, toothbrush, leaflets with a picture of a toothbrush without bristles (number of children).

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Objective: to Acquaint the children with the main body of our body – heart. To form love and conscious attitude to the exercises and games that are useful for strengthening the heart muscle; to teach the rules of conduct under which the heart remains healthy. To educate the children a sense of kindness and compassion.
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Program objectives:
- to give basic knowledge about the functions of skin: protective, absorbent, etc.;
-know why you need to keep clean the skin, to give a basic idea of caring for her;
- to foster a desire to be healthy and to know that health should be strengthened.

Equipment: magnifying glass, pipette on the number of children, the saucer with water, a feather, a stone, a brush, a sponge, crumpled paper, foam rubber, cotton wool, baby cream, "Path of health", a card for d/and "What is necessary and what not to do".
Vocabulary work: to teach selection of adjectives: clean, tidy, neat; heavy, soft, fluffy, hard, light, airy.

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Goal: to shape children's ideas about the basic external structure of the head and the functions of its main organs : the ears hear sounds; the mouth (teeth, tongue, lips) says, eat; the eyes see; the nose breathes, feels, smells; the hairs protect the head from cold and rain. To consolidate the knowledge about personal hygiene; the concept of "personal hygiene items". To educate the basic skills of a healthy lifestyle, the desire to take care of your health.

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Software maintenance: Development of skills in the formation of ideas about the conditions of preservation and strengthening of health; familiarity with direct and indirect transmission; the consolidation of knowledge about methods of prevention of infectious diseases, about the concept of "microbe"; the consolidation algorithm, hand wash; instilling in children the habit to monitor their appearance.
Equipment: the split images of Dirty and clean hands, peeled the potatoes, soap, towel, ball, algorithm hand-washing.
Objective: to Consolidate the children an idea of cultural hygiene rules.

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Topic: "Path of health"
Objective: the ability of children to take care of your health, explain the necessity of vitamins for the human body.
Developmental objective: to improve skills in the use of personal hygiene items, encouraging children to answer questions, to develop thinking, memory.
Educational objective: to foster an interest in the personal hygiene items forming the foundations of a healthy lifestyle.
Materials and equipment: flowers with separated petals, an ornamental tree with a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, towel, comb; illustration of teeth: funny and sad; vegetables (carrot, cabbage, onion, garlic), fruits (Apple, lemon, orange, grape, banana) 3 baskets, pictures with emotions, a cassette with melodious music, the presentation.
Preliminary work: the observance of the regime moments. Talk with children about vitamins, the consolidation of knowledge about fruits and vegetables.
Vocabulary work: personal health, vitamins, emotions, guessing riddles.
Didactic game: "Vitamin house"

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Purpose: to generalize and systematize the children may have ideas about the preservation of health.
Program objectives: to expand the horizons of children; to enhance thought processes; to develop logical thinking and intelligence; to facilitate the adaptation of children to various life situations.
Materials and equipment: - a set of envelopes with the tasks, rotating drum with an arrow pointing to the envelope, 2 opaque glass chips, 50 chips;
- 2 set of images health content, - 2 trays, which carry the same products set of 8; 4 of them contain vitamins (e.g., carrot, garlic, cabbage, black bread) and 4 don't contain (sugar, candy, semolina, a slice of white bread) .
Teaching methods: game, discussion, logical reasoning, interactive whiteboard.

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Software maintenance:
- forming the notion that health depends on nutrition, the food should be not only tasty, but also useful;
- to educate the rules of behavior at the table.
Equipment: cards with useful products; cards with bad food; children's kitchen with a dining table; a children's shop.

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"Why the nose?" — summary of open classes in valueology for preschool age.

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