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Software maintenance:
To give children's ideas about germs. Their useful and harmful features.
• To consolidate the knowledge on the significance of vitamins for the human body.
• To consolidate the rules of personal hygiene.
• In experiments, learning to observe, to see the cause – and-effect relationships, and draw conclusions.
• Develop the cognitive interest in the world.
• To foster an interest in healthy lifestyles; to create a joyful mood.

Preliminary work: Learning self-massage "Soap" and the text charging, playing, "do you wash your hands?".
Equipment: Magnets with germs. Two baskets, a set of products dummies (cabbage, carrot, Apple, lemon, chocolate, onion, garlic, yogurt, glazed cheese, cottage cheese, popcorn, popcorn, chips). The poem "I want to Be healthy". Card with sketch of hand washing. Illustration sports.
Basket of fruit and vitamins, vitamins.

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Software maintenance:
- to clarify the children's knowledge of the entity, its component parts and their functions;
to fix in the dictionary names of parts of the face and the human senses;
- to continue to acquaint children with young folk pieces (nursery rhymes) on cultural and hygienic subjects, to teach children to listen carefully, memorize them and repeat the content; to enrich the dictionary of children;
- to teach children self-massage of the head, face, developing fine motor skills of the fingers, normalizing muscle tone, stimulating tactile sensations, developing speech, putting less strain on the muscles of the face;
- to develop attention;
- to educate the need for adherence to simple hygienic rules, care of face, hair, ears, etc.;
- to install the love of close, compassion and ability to help.

Equipment: a picture of a baby face, doll Pauline audio.

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Software maintenance:
• Forming children's knowledge of the structure of teeth by the method of self-examination;
• clarify the children's knowledge about the purpose of the teeth, to understand the causes of damage;
• Educate the need to take care of their health, to observe the rules of personal hygiene (brushing teeth)

Methods of organized activities:
Story, conversation, self-examination, practical work, logical reasoning.
Enrichment and activization of the dictionary:
the root of the tooth, the enamel, gums, jaw.
Equipment. Presentation computer. Mirrors, paper tooth for each child. Paint brushes, dental flocks, powder. Different toothbrushes, hand-held, battery-operated children's modern with different nozzles electric sensors control the speed. Toothpicks, mouthwashes, and dental floss.

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Theme: "Clean – the guarantee of health"
- to form an idea of essential human nutrients and vitamins. To expand the understanding of necessary hygiene procedures, to show their importance to the preservation of health;
- to develop the ability to hold a conversation, respond to questions, using speech, the most common adjectives, verbs, prepositions;
- to teach children to use the napkin, wash your hands with soap and water after class;
- to be able to distribute the finished part by color, neatly stick them.

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It is well known that the health of the nation is one of the most important indicators of her well-being. From the health of the rising generation depends the future.

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Objective: to Form an idea about proper nutrition, compliance
Educational: to consolidate children's knowledge about foods and their value to humans, the concepts of "Nutrients", "Right", or "Healthy eating".
Developing: to develop the intellectual curiosity, the ability to distinguish rule of healthy eating.
Educational: to educate children about their health and the health of others. To foster a desire to live a healthy lifestyle.
The bowls, grater, cutting boards, aprons, caps
The activation of the dictionary: "nutrients", "Right", or "Healthy eating".

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Priority area: physical development.
Integrating areas: cognitive development, speech development, social – communicative development, artistic and aesthetic development.
Objective: the Development of a healthy lifestyle based on physical activity.
1. To develop children's ideas about healthy lifestyles, to fix ideas about the human body parts.
2. To develop physical activity, help relieve muscle tension .
3. To continue to foster a desire to care for their health, to educate friendly peers.

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Objective: the Development of cognitive research activity of children, development of skills of experimentation with water.
1. To create a holistic view of water as a natural phenomenon.
2. To introduce properties of water.
3. To understand the significance of water in human life, in nature.
4. To educate careful attitude to water.
5. To develop intellectual activity and to make their own conclusions.
6. To educate ability to work together.

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