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The flower of health 2018
2019-03-10, 10:15:31
Objective: to create motivation of children for a healthy lifestyle.
1. To give children's ideas about germs. Their useful and harmful features.
2. Consolidate the knowledge of the importance of vitamins for the human body.
3. To fix the rules of personal hygiene.
4. In the experiments, learning to observe, to see the cause – and-effect relationships, and draw conclusions.
5. Develop cognitive interest in the world.
6. nurture interest in a healthy lifestyle; create a joyful mood.
Preliminary work:guessing riddles about a healthy lifestyle, talking about a cold, performing exercises for hardening. Learning in verse sakalosky “Ice” massage “Soap”. Develop experience with water.
Equipment: Multimedia projector, 2 boiled eggs, 2 water flasks, marked with stripes, blue and red, microscopes, pipette, snow, warm water. Inflatable balloons according to the number of children. Basket of fruit and vitamins, vitamins.

The lesson

Slide 1

Teacher: Guys, we have guests today! Come and say Hello to your heart and soul. You know, you did not just say Hello, you gave each other a piece of health, because you said: “Hello!"Health wish.

(Go into the hall to the screen, sit on the pads). Slide 2 (telfon rings Behind the screen, he picks up the phone, it falls out of his hands,Fixico rolls out of it. He coughs and sneezes). Slide 3

Teacher:. Oh, guys, look who's that? (Children's answers)

Teacher:. - What happened to you Fixico? Are you sick?


- I've been in a lot of trouble.

The ice cream I ate a lot always -

And here is what picture:

Angina's attached to me.,

And cough, and runny nose me beat the.

If only you knew how bored they are.

Teacher:. – Fiksiki, you're seriously ill! Guys, let's save the f, and how can we help him? (children's answers) let's put on F. a warming scarf and let's drink warm milk with honey, put to bed.

F. – Why ill Fiksiki? (in the human body there are useful microbes and harmful, useful more, of course, but in the case of Fixico, he caught a cold, and bad microbes in the body became more.)

Teacher:. Have you ever seen a microbe? Now I'll try to draw it for you.

Don't be so fidgety and small,

I'd catch him for you.

And you would see for yourself

Microbio face with a mustache.

Spotted pattern along the ridge,

Six quick legs and three tails.

That's the microbe, the invisible villain.

Enemy of honest and ordinary people.

Teacher:.-Here, and got our Fixico in the Kingdom of microbes. (Kingdom slide) Slide 4

And germs there by the thousand and the most different: there are microbes that love the dirt there are microbes flying through the air and betraying catarrhal disease.

I know that there is a magic flower "health Flower" Slide № 5, it grows only in a magic country.

Will we help Fixico, find a magic flower? Then let's go to the magical land for him. But in order not to get tired, we need to eat. (Eat the magic vitamin, voice: "Hand out the aircraft!"(balloons, " hit the road!"(Slide 6) (sky animation, music. To the music of children on balloons fly)

Teacher:. So we arrived in a magical land. Side №7, Slide № 8 (king of microbes)

(Slide the king of germs, sound into the microphone). Attention to the monitor.

The king of Germs-we microbes are powerful creatures, though not visible. Once we get into the human body, immediately begin to Rob and multiply inside, we become more and more. And the person is getting worse and worse: he gets sick, shakes him, pounding, sneezing and coughing begins, the temperature rises. So your friend F. came to our Kingdom.

Teacher:. – Guys, what about the germs get inside a person? (Children's answers.)

Look at the germs. These germs like dirt. Do you think your hands are clean now? Let's have a little experience and check.

Experience with magic egg. (Children pass the boiled peeled egg to each other)

Teacher:. The egg was what? Why?

How to cope with microbes, which are like dirt? (Children's answers) of course, soap and water will help us.

Self-Massage “Soap”

Every day I soap my

Under hot water

And in the morning

Really, really true soap.

Wash, soap, don't be lazy!

Not vytkalsya don't be mad! Apart your fingers, clap your hands.

Tightly grip in the hands, the fingers of one hand and rubbed on the palm of the other.

Teacher:. From simple soap and water the germs the melt strength. Click dissolve, Slide 9 country

Teacher:: - Guys, and you know that germs are fleeing from those who are engaged in charging and sports. What sports do you like to do? (Children's answers)

And so as not to hurt and not to catch a cold,

All people should do exercises in the morning.

Pay in order, go out to charge. (Charging) Slide 10

Guys, I know that you conducted an experiment with water Slide № 11 (photo experiment): poured tap water and boiled water. She stood up. Let's see what happened. Drop a pipette from a glass with a red stripe of water in one microscope, and another microscope from a glass with a blue stripe. (vos-l brings to the flask with tap water magnifier with a pattern of microbes, and the other without microbes)

Consider the flasks of water. Find differences. What conclusion can we draw? (Water from the tap can not drink, it live germs. You can only drink boiled water.)

Vos-l: To be healthy it is necessary not only to observe hygiene, but also to use vitamins and useful products. Slide № 12 (useful products)

In front of you in the basket are a variety of foods (cabbage, carrot, Apple, lemon, chocolate, onion, garlic, yogurt, cheese glazes, cottage cheese, Kirieshki, popcorn, chips). Pick up only those products that you think are useful. (Children take, on one product, arguing the choice. Conclusion.)

Teacher:: Let's put all the products in the basket. What good helpers! You will be able to choose the most useful and necessary products!

Teacher:: - If you want to be healthy, it is necessary to be tempered. Slide 13 country.

And you and I will learn the exercises that harden our throats.

“The horse” - click my tongue, louder or softer, faster or slower.

• “Crow” - the village crow on the fence, began to croak. Then lift up your head to the side will turn off.

• “Dog” - the dog stuck out his tongue, and often breathes.

Teacher:: Guys, come to the table. (On the table are 2 cups of warm water and cool snow towel sets) Let your hands to guess what's under the napkin lies? (Children's answers) Let us temper our hands with you. (Children alternately lower their hands in a container of warm water, then with snow, lead a lump on the palms saying a poem)

We will learn how ice.

Between the fingers to roll,

This in school us will help

The letters are smooth to write.

(Children wipe their hands.)

Teacher:: “With the young hardened, the entire century will do”

Question: Why is it necessary to harden? Do you like to be tempered? What else are you tempered with? (Water, walks in the fresh air, sleep without t-shirts.)

Teacher:: - Guys, look, we found a magic flower. Slide No. 14

And here, and our aircraft. Let's hurry back to our room and help Fixico!

Voice: "Hand out the aircraft!"(balloons, " hit the road!” Return back.

Slide # 15 the sky (stop-motion. sky, music. Music kids hot air balloon fly).

Let's go to F.
Slide number 16
give him a flower of health.

A few tips will give Fixico (Tips for children that must be followed to be healthy)

Every firm needs to know:

Health must be preserved.

You need to eat right,

Need to play sports,

Wash hands before eating,

To brush your teeth to harden,

And always be friends with water.

That's when all the people in the world will live a long, long time.

And remember health in the store do not buy.

Maybe someone else wants to add their knowledge about a healthy lifestyle?

Fixico: Thank you guys, I recovered! It's great to be healthy! I have prepared a gift for you, let's please your body with vitamins that live in these fruits (Making skewers strung with pieces of fruit). And treat our guests.
I should get back. Until next time! Slide 17
Teacher:: good-bye, Fiksiki.
Teacher:: Guys, it's time to return to the group, let's say goodbye to the guests!

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