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Formation of an integral picture of the world "Let's sing a doll Katya tea"
To fix the idea of the objects of dishes, the ability to use the name of it
in active speech, to call color, form, magnitude.

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Roleplay as a means of promoting friendly relations between students
Among the variety of forms of work play a special role in the role-play. The specifics of role-playing lies in the fact that students in the process of its implementation come together in a role relationship. They act not as I would like, but in accordance with the prescribed role of the rules.
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Goal. Creating conditions for active, creative play activities.
[b][color=green][size=14][i][b]1. To shape the ability of children to reflect in the game vivid impressions derived from a reading of the surrounding reality: the events on the ship, the lives of seafarers.
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Description self developed the active learning method.

1. The object on which the method used and Educational activity
2. The class in which the method used - 1
3. Stage educational activities (lessons) - Organizational moment
4. Method name" Flower wishes".
5. The purpose of using the method - a Warm up before more complex tasks, creating a comfortable environment between children, the organization of mood, activation of the vocabulary of pupils

6. Number of participants - 14
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In the preparatory group of children often play in different role–playing games. To interest the children and promote a long duration of the game, there is the question of equipping them with a variety of attributes. Well when there is financial support, but you can do on your own. Offer several ideas that are very useful to us to play in school.

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I offer simple attributes to role-playing games.


1. Small boxes (better under creams) ;

2. Wrapping paper;

3. A ball of twine;

4. Newspapers;

5. Old postcards;

6. The container for trash small;

7. Tape;

8. Envelopes with the words "who", "where".

9. Rectangular bag;

10. Woven bag with long handles for wrapping Newspapers and parcels.

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Purpose: to Help create a game environment, the interaction between those who chose certain roles.
Learn to allocate roles by guessing the items used in "the Salon".
To develop children's ability to play according to his own design, to stimulate creativity of children at play.
To cultivate friendly relationships in play, speech and behavioral etiquette.

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The aim of the project:

1. Formation of abilities of children to combine different subjects in a single game story, to learn to establish and regulate the contacts in cooperative play.

2. Systematization, extension and enrichment of knowledge of children about the space.

3. Vocabulary words. (Designer, universe, telescope, planet, star, meteor shower, comet, remote-control, the cosmonaut training center, cosmonaut, solar system).

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Purpose: Education of love to native places, to a small home, the development of tolerance of older preschoolers.


To introduce children to the architecture of the city, its attractions and beauty in the form of a journey by bus.

To enrich the knowledge about the attractions of his native city.

Consolidate knowledge about vital objects in his native city.

Activation dictionary of potential preschoolers.

Development of informative interest of senior preschool children to the history and culture of their ethnic group.

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Goal: support children's independence and initiative in role-playing game
-create the ability to bathe the doll, to sequentially perform a chain of game actions;

-pin: one, two, many.


-to stimulate and support the speech activity of children during the action with the doll, to use the names of objects, action: bath, soap, washcloth, towel, lather, rinse, wipe.
- to develop cultural and hygienic skills
- to develop basic work skills
- to foster friendly relationships in the game.
- to cultivate a desire to look clean and tidy

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