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Let's draw a doll Katya with tea 2018
2018-02-06, 09:36:20
Formation of an integral picture of the world "Let's sing a doll Katya tea"
To fix the idea of the objects of dishes, the ability to use the name of it
in active speech, to call color, form, magnitude.
To acquaint with the general concept of the concept of "dishes", lead to classification of dishes for use.
Demonstrational equipment:
tea utensils, the doll Katya.

Demonstrational equipment

: tea utensils, the doll Katya.
Course of the lesson

The teacher informs the children that we are waiting for the guest. We must prepare for the meeting.

Put yourself in order, set the table with dishes.

During serving, I specify the names of objects (a plate, a cup, a teapot, a spoon)

- Are you ready to meet the guest? (answers)

(there is a knock at the door, the teacher opens the door and the doll Katya enters)

-Hello children! (answer)

-Hello, Natalia Alexandrovna? I came to visit you, very tired, yet

found very much wanted to drink tea.

"Give me tea, please?"

- Guys, we'll have tea for Katya? (answers)

-Oh, how beautiful you are, what color is it? (answers)

- And the plates, what shape are they resembling? (answers)

- And what's that? (points to a packet of tea) (answers of children)

"Now let's make tea." Where will we brew? (answers)

- All the tea was brewed, where will we pour tea for Katya? (answers)

"What's this stuff?" (pointing at the sugar bowl) (answers)

Repeat Eve, repeat Vanya, repeat Milan.

- Vika, pour the tea into the cup? Alice, where did Vika pour the tea? Repeat Vanya.

"Ksyusha, give Katya tea, what are you doing?" (answer)

-Thank you guys. Tea is delicious. I must go home. Bye.

I'll come to visit you again. Will you wait for me?

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