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role-playing game "Journey on the ship" 2018
2017-02-17, 23:42:36
oal. Creating conditions for active, creative play activities.
[b]1. To shape the ability of children to reflect in the game vivid impressions derived from a reading of the surrounding reality: the events on the ship, the lives of seafarers.
2. To help build a game-based collaborative with peers of plot construction.eve of the game "Journey on the ship"

3. To develop in children the ability to creatively develop the plot.

Pre-work: talk about travel, making attributes to the game, didactic game "Someone, you need to work and rest", watching cartoons, looking at encyclopedias.

Activation of dictionary: route port, the sailors, the captain, the cockpit, the Navigator.

Equipment: building material (blocks, attributes for the game: his cap, medical gown, medical kit, wireless earphones, lifebuoy (ring, anchor wheel, binoculars, telescope, apron and cap for Coca, crockery, food, map, pencil, radar, compass, microphone, remote control, computer.
The game:

"Tai, tai, flown,

In interesting game play

All accept and are not offended"

(In the group hear a beeping signal)

Teacher: What could it be?

(Alarm, signal, SOS)

(On the loudspeaker said: "Everybody who hears us asking for help. The ship "Brave" shipwrecked")

Teacher: Children, what to do?

(We need to go for help)

Teacher: And what do I need?

(To build ship)

Teacher: Get to work.

(Children build out of blocks a ship)

Teacher: Our ship is ready. Guys, who will choose a captain?

- Olya. Why?

(She clearly knows how to give orders, to control, to declare the route)

Teacher: And who will be the Navigator?

- Maxime. Why?

(He is able to follow the navigation route)

Teacher: And who will be the radio operator?

- Danil. Why?

(He is able to listen, to catch radiospace)

Teacher: Who will choose the sailor?

- Matthew. Why?

(He knows how to follow instructions)

Teacher: Who will choose the doctor?

- Vlad. Why?

(He knows where the heart and other organs, can determine the pulse)

Teacher: And who will do the work of Coca?

- Vic. Why?

(She knows how to cook)

Teacher: I can be a Manager and how the Manager ask you:

- Captain, what will you do during the voyage?

(To send sailors to make important decisions during the voyage, giving orders and keeping records)

- The Navigator, what will you do in the sea?

(To follow the route working with the map)

- Radio operator, and what will you be doing?

(I will maintain communication with earth, will pass everything that happens on the ship)

- The doctor, and you know that you need to prepare to sail?

(Yes, I need to collect medicines, tools, bandaging materials)

Kok, what will you do on the ship?

(I'm gonna cook and feed the crew)

Teacher: well Done, you good at what you do. Take your places on the ship and prepare for their jobs.

The captain (captain's hat, a spyglass, politopoulou, computer)

The Navigator (map, pencil, binoculars, a steering wheel)

Radio operator (headphones, radar)

Kok (dishes, foods, apron, hood)

Doctor (medical gown + hat, medical kit)

Manager: Captain, what do you call your ship?

Captain: Our ship is called "Asterisk"

Manager: Doctor, report what condition of the ship's crew.

(The doctor goes to each member of the team inspects, checks his pulse.)

Doctor: do Not spinning head?

You are not sick?

You have everything in order?

How do you feel?

All good, all healthy, I feel great.

Manager: All ready to put to sea.

To raise the flag, check the radio.

Captain: cast off.

Sailor: Yes cast off.

Captain: hoist the anchor.

Sailor: Have to raise the anchor.

Captain: From the screw. The right of the steering wheel. Full speed ahead! Keep it up.

Navigator: hard to starboard! Full speed ahead!

Manager: Captain, welcome, welcome

How do you read me?

Report back where you are?

Radio operator: can Hear you well.

The ship "Star" came out into the open sea.

Manager: radio Operator of the ship "Star" enter your coordinates into the sea?

Radioman: hold on, hold on, we're going straight ahead to the North.

Manager: Follow this course.

Captain: COC, report menu for lunch

COC: Report today for lunch for the first Ear, the second pasta nautically, the third-compote.

(CCO carries on the tea tray)

Navigator: Report captain

Straight ahead you see a ship "Brave".


Captain: Sailor, to throw a lifeline

To start saving people.

Manager: Doctor, stand by for first aid.

Captain: Doctor, provide medical aid to the victims.

(Dr. perebintovany, puts the thermometer, gives medication)

Captain: cook, drink hot tea victims.

Manager: Captain, report how members of the ship's crew "star" and the crew of "Brave"

Captain: My team feels good, and the members of the ship "Brave" is saved.

Manager: Congratulations on a job well done!

Captain: go to the port of Alenushka.

The left wheel. Full speed ahead!

Navigator: hard to port Full speed ahead!

Captain: Doctor, please report on the condition of the victims.

Doctor: Report to stable condition.

Captain: Manager, will be reporting on the weather.

Manager: the Weather is clear, the storm is not expected.

Navigator: captain, on the horizon the port of Alenushka

Captain: Stop the car! To reset the anchor.

Sailor: Have to reset the anchor.

Captain: Team line up!

Our job is done, the people saved.

With the return to shore!

Give the team two days of rest.

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