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The kids love the holidays together.
We propose to consider the main options of how to celebrate/mark a birthday in kindergarten, and to listo the opinions of those who have had to face this issue. After all, in the end, the final decision to make all the same parents.en t
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1. Get acquainted with the rules of etiquette;
2. To cultivate feelings of respect for peers and adults;
3. Develop a culture of speech.

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It comes to Halloween,the great holiday,the end of autumn and beginning of winter.

Halloween (from the word hallow"is Holy)-the eve of all saints day,celebrated on October 31.
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The work of salt is very entertaining. Kids like bottles of salt. Salt mixed.

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Goal: to acquaint children with the traditional holidays in the UK.
Tasks: training:
to increase interest in learning English through the game situation;
to continue to build skills in preschool children perceive the English language by ear;
to intensify in the speech of children lexical items in English on the topic: Halloween (Halloween, the Lamp Jack (Jack – o` - lantern, trick-or-Treat (Trick or Treat, Pumpkin (Pumpkin,Candle, Ghost, Witch (Witch,Serpent (Snake, Lizard (Lizard,Bat (bat, Spider (Spider);
to fix in speech through 5.
to develop communication skills, cognitive activity, attention, visual memory, visual-figurative thinking, phonemic hearing;
the emotional quality of children's curiosity.
continue to raise children's interest in learning a foreign language;
respect for English culture and traditions.
multimedia presentation "Halloween"; projector; computer;
the song "5 little pumpkins sitting on the gate; paper coloring "Pumpkin";
rubber insects, spiders, snakes; colored pencils; boiler.

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Objective: to consolidate the knowledge acquired during the course of the English language; forming General concepts;

to develop language skills in English;
foster interest in learning English.
-demonstrate an active vocabulary through joining in the game image;
-to form tolerant attitude to the culture of the target language.

Material and equipment:
toys: cow, cat, dog, horse, sheep, pig;
-cards with the image of the professions;
-presentation of the “Odd one out”;
-10 coloured stars;
-character: Mini mouse.

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the programme for physical development of "Childhood" is the required minimum skills for physical education in kindergarten. For the third, fourth, fifth and sixth years of life
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The problem of the origin of the project: children come to kindergarten directly from the family, so the teacher met with the children, introduces them to each other; with the premises of the group and their purpose; with the objects in the group. You should draw children's attention to the fact that this group is made so that the children were at ease and comfortable.

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1. To attract parents to the sports forms of family entertainment;
2. To organize an active joint activity of children and parents;
3. To teach parents the outdoor games children in free time;
4. To develop physical qualities: speed, agility, endurance;
5. To attach to a healthy lifestyle;
6. To create in children and adults joyful, cheerful mood.

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The aim of the lesson:

Continue to teach the children to place the bricks horizontally. The development of attention, fine motor skills. To educate careful attitude to toys, a good attitude to the game characters and the desire to help them. Create the desire to build another.

Equipment: a bag with colored cubes.

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