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Abstract classes the design of the second younger group "Journey into space" 2018
2016-05-15, 16:37:44

Topic: "Journey into space"


- to give children knowledge about space, planets, stars;

- exercise in designing a space ship from LEGO;

- consolidate the names of parts, their color;

- to develop the ability to build on the model;

- to develop creativity, imagination, speed of response, ability to navigate in space;

Equipment: a tape Recorder, LEGO, toys LEGO-master and Luntik, a "magic bag", pictures of stars, planets, comets and spacecraft, hoops.

The bilingual component: rocket – rocket sky – Aspan, star - Eldis

toy​ - Luntik:

Hello guys, let us know. You know my name?

- What's your name?

- What do you think, why at me such name, where I live?

- Where is the Moon?

- What can you see in the night sky? –

A riddle:

The coals are burning,

A shovel does not get it,

At night they can be seen,

And in the afternoon to be seen.

Is this unusual, a huge world called space. It's filled with lots of stars, planets, comets (show illustration) .

- About what is said in the riddle?

Yellow plate hanging on the sky,

Yellow plate gives all the heat

The sun is not alone in space, he has a family – of the planet.

The earth is a planet where people live - you guys.

- I stayed with you and I want to go home to the moon.

- I can get to the moon?

The moon can not bird

To fly and to land on the moon,

But he knows how

To do a quick ... (Rocket) .

Help me guys build a space ship.

Organizational and search stage:

Teacher: 'Sit Down Luntik. Guys, let's go to LEGO artist and designer will create a rocket. LEGO master: - of Course I'll help you, but first I want to play with you in game guess to the touch".

. Game. Teacher: - Let's see how to build a rocket? From what parts made the body of the rocket? How many of them? From what parts made a rocket engine? How many of them? What we have them secured? Get to work (Under space music children build). - When built, move the rocket to the launch site. What is it?

Children are considered buildings. Teacher:

- We built, guys

The best starship.

Check it out, will fix it

And set off for a flight.

- Thanks for the help, LEGO-master.

Luntik, get ready for the flight.

Teacher: - let's Play a game of "Astronauts". Go around the circle and say together with me:

We are waiting for new missiles

For walking on the planet.

What you want,

On a fly.

Only there is one secret –

Latecomers no place.

Children at the signal take place in the hoops.

Sounds of space music.

Teacher: - We are flying with you in space. What do you see? The sky is bottomless, warm and affectionate. I see the moon. Get ready for landing. 5-4-3-2-1 here we are on the moon. Say goodbye to the Lunatic. Interested in space. But we need to go home.

What is the name of our planet?

What is the name of our city?

Close your eyes: 5-4-3-2-1 – that's really the group we sit.

Reflective - corrective phase:

- You like our journey?

- We helped the Loonie to return home?. -

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