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Abstract the open sports classes "Magic book" 2018
2016-06-10, 21:50:15


1. To attract parents to the sports forms of family entertainment;
2. To organize an active joint activity of children and parents;
3. To teach parents the outdoor games children in free time;
4. To develop physical qualities: speed, agility, endurance;
5. To attach to a healthy lifestyle;
6. To create in children and adults joyful, cheerful mood.

In a gym where guests have already been placed, are the children of the preparatory group №2, bypass the hall and sit down at the place prepared for them, chairs along with a caregiver.
Vedas. : Hello, dear guests! Hello guys! Today we gathered for another training session our family club "Healthy baby". You will be very surprised. And here is one of them: meet our guests.
In the hall are couples parents with children dressed in sports uniforms, and stop at the Central wall: children in front, parents behind them.
1. All our hi guys! - parent
And this word:
Love sport from an early age - the child
Be healthy!

2. Everyone knows, everyone understands, a parent
That healthy to be nice.
Just need to know: - child
How to become healthy.

3. In the world there is no recipe better - parent
Whether the sport is inseparable.
You live a hundred years, - the child
That's the whole secret!

4. Accustom yourself to order - parent
Do every day exercises.
Laugh more fun, the child
Will be healthier!

5. The sports guys really need, is the parent
Sport and heavy wind.
Sports assistant! - child
Sports – health!

The sports game!
Cheers! - all together

Vedas. : Yes, doing sports is to be healthy, strong, cheerful. Today on our lesson children along with parents will continue to learn this. Let me introduce our participants.
The view couples.
Vedas. : Attention! Now our main surprise (gesture in the direction of "Magic books"). This "Magic book". Now I'll go and open the first page. (goes to the book, opens it to the first page: there's a painted wolf). Oh, look: on the first page we see the wolf! Did you know that in our magic book, the characters can come to life. Here, it seems, and the first picture comes to life.
In the hall is the wolf sings:
"Song of the wolf" music. and root words C
Wolf: Hello dear guys! Hello, dear adults!
I see that you are gathered here to exercise and
sports. Please and me to join you!
Vedas: of Course, wolf, stay with us!
Wolf: Thank you!
Vedas: All assembled! All healthy!
To run and play ready!
Well then, tighten up! Do not yawn and do not be lazy!
For exercise to become!
Wolf: can this workout I'm doing?
Wolf conducts a warm-up - involves all children and adults.
Vedas. : It is very fun and the warm up passed. All done!
Wolf: Guys! Do you like outdoor games? Then call mobile the game about me. (the kids call: "the Wolf and the hare," "the Wolf in the ditch", etc.)
Well done! Let's play a game called "Wolf in the ditch".
Wolf reminds the rules of the game. The first time he plays with children,
The second offers, someone of the parents to be a wolf.
The game "Wolf in the ditch"
(In the middle of the hall are two lines at a distance of 70 – 100 cm: from one another is the moat. On one side of the hall is the home of the goats. All playing - baby goats, one is a wolf. Kids are in the house, and the wolf in the ditch. At a signal from the leader: "the little Goats on the meadow. "the children run to the opposite side of the hall, jumping over the moat (the wolf will not touch them, asleep). At the signal, "Kids, go home! "the kids run the house, jumping over the ditch. The wolf, staying out of the pit, catches kids, touching their hand. Caught children depart at the end of the ditch. After two or three repetitions challenging the kids back in the house; assign a different wolf.
Wolf: so, I got 1 kid. Something is not enough! I need help: need another wolf.
Offers one of the parents to be the second wolf.
The game is repeated.
Wolf. : we are good wolves and let you all home.
Vedas: Wolf, you played a great game. Come sit by our members, and I'll open the next page of our book.
Leading opens the next page of "Magic books":
illustration to English folk tale "Turnip"
Vedas: What is depicted on the second page? Yes, the turnip. And you know a game about a turnip? (children's responses). Well, okay, I don't know this game. Let's her think of! It's easy, because we all know the English folk tale "the Turnip": a Grandmother for Grandfather, Grandfather for turnip.... All know this story!
So we'll have all the characters of this tale. They will compete in 2 teams. We need: two grandfathers (go, two grandmothers (go), etc.
Wolf, help me, please prepare the players for the game!
Wolf: With great pleasure!
Participants wear attributes.
The game Turnip is the type of game "Caterpillar"
Vedas. : Great game idea! And the next page "the Magic book" will open the parent who has the longest jumping the ball.
Parents hear balls: one ball for longer jumps.
The winning parent opens the page - there
pictured rings with ribbons.
Wolf: which mobile game are you using this attribute?
Children: "Catch with a ribbon".
Vedas. : We all know this game.
Wolf: can I be Lavishly?
Vedas. : Yes, of course.
Leading and the wolf give the children rings with ribbons - they run them in sweatpants. First time in the game Catch - Wolf. The second time the Wolf offers to be Lavishly two parents.
The game "Catch with a ribbon"
Vedas. : Next page "the Magic book" will reveal to the one who guesses the riddle. And make her a wolf.
Wolf: Listen close.
All summer stood,
Winter expected
Wait time –
Rushed from the mountain. (the sled)
The child that guessed the mystery, it opens the page,
there painted "water".
Wolf: Yes I know who it is! It is the devil!
Vedas. : No, Wolf is not the devil. Guys, where the devil lives? Yes, in the woods, and this character lives where? That's right, in the water. So, who is this? Water.
Let's play your favorite game of "Water".
Wolf: and I've already put on a water suit! (he puts on the suit of water) .
The Game Is "Water"
First time water – wolf, the second child (the baby down to his
parent to their parent.
Vedas. : Well done, fun to play, sit on their seats. And we open the last page of our book.
The page is a drawing of ripe apples in the basket.
Vedas. : Something I don't know any game about apples, Wolf, maybe you know?
Wolf: And I don't know.
The Vedas: But the apples it smells like.
Wolf: it Smells, and how delicious! But I have a well developed sense of smell: I smell can find everything, even apples!
The wolf sniffs the page and "go by smell". Fit to the head.
Wolf: Got It! Here here here smells of apples! Teacher, and not if you have apples?
Head: of Course, Wolf, I have a very delicious and healthy for adults and children the apples. Children, why apples are good for everyone? Yes, they have vitamins that strengthen our health Take, please
the whole basket. Eat and be healthy!
Leading and the wolf thank you and take the basket of apples.
Vedas. : What beautiful apples! You'll wash them and you have them in the group eats.
Wolf, please help me to carry the basket to the group.
And our business in the club "Healthy baby" came to an end. I think everyone got a charge of vivacity, health and good mood. Parents also learned in some outdoor games the children can play indoors and outdoors. And according to our tradition, let's sing our anthem.
Wolf: All for me and apples go in a group. Goodbye
The music continues, all participants go in a group.

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