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Mesmerizing "Halloween Funny pumpkins" (English for preschoolers) 2018
2016-10-01, 22:32:35

Goal: to acquaint children with the traditional holidays in the UK.
Tasks: training:
to increase interest in learning English through the game situation;
to continue to build skills in preschool children perceive the English language by ear;
to intensify in the speech of children lexical items in English on the topic: Halloween (Halloween, the Lamp Jack (Jack – o` - lantern, trick-or-Treat (Trick or Treat, Pumpkin (Pumpkin,Candle, Ghost, Witch (Witch,Serpent (Snake, Lizard (Lizard,Bat (bat, Spider (Spider);
to fix in speech through 5.
to develop communication skills, cognitive activity, attention, visual memory, visual-figurative thinking, phonemic hearing;
the emotional quality of children's curiosity.
continue to raise children's interest in learning a foreign language;
respect for English culture and traditions.
multimedia presentation "Halloween"; projector; computer;
the song "5 little pumpkins sitting on the gate; paper coloring "Pumpkin";
rubber insects, spiders, snakes; colored pencils; boiler.

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Hello, boys and girls. How are you?

Hello! I`m fine.
Today we will talk with you about the unusual traditional holiday for the UK. Halloween "Halloween" is a holiday celebrated annually in Britain on October 31. On this day the British are going in the merry mummers of the company.

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Most of all this holiday, kids rejoice, because for them this is a great opportunity to dress up in costume and with a crowd of friends to walk the neighborhood begging for sweets and candy.

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Speaking about the traditions of Halloween, you first need to tell you about where I came from this holiday. It is believed that the modern celebration is related to the Celtic harvest festival. The inhabitants of the British Islands celebrated the end of summer and the harvest season on 1 November. This day meant the end of the summer period and the coming period of cold and darkness. The Celts believed that along with the long hours of darkness and cold come the evil spirits.

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The most famous tradition of Halloween is the tradition of cross — dressing.
The most popular costumes are the skeletons "skeletons", ghosts "ghosts," the witches "witches" and other scary images. Children love to dress in all sorts of fairy tale characters. They go from door to door, begging for sweets from the owners of the house, saying "Trick or treat!", which literally translates as "Trick or treat!". Jokes, pranks, funny prank, this is the main concern of British children on Halloween. I will read you a poem tell children on Halloween.

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Trick or treat, trick or treat,

Give us something good to eat.

Give us candy, give us cake,

Give us something sweet to take.

Give us cookies, fruit and gum,

Hurry up and give us some.

You had better do it quick

Or we'll surely play a trick.

Trick or treat, trick or treat,
Give us something good to eat.

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The main symbol of the holiday is the Jack - "Jack – o` - lantern". It is a pumpkin "pumpkin", which cut ominously grinning face; the inside of the pumpkin is placed a lighted candle "candel". It was believed that such fruit left in all saints Day around the house, will repel from him the evil spirits. Look at the pumpkins decorate our room. Now, I want to invite each of you to paint your pumpkin.

Children distributed leaflets with a picture of a pumpkin and pencils. App

Slide 7
To you it was fun to paint, let's listen to the song "Five little pumpkin sitting on the gate"/

Slide 8

And here is how they celebrate Halloween in Russia. Not so long ago, our country also appeared the tradition of celebrating Halloween. Only it is not everywhere. For children and young people arranged a themed holiday in the room where competitions, games and dances.
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Sat we're here, let's play! Rise from their chairs and built engine.

Now the guys moving in single file over the lead, repeating the words and motions:

We are entering a dark forest (do a few crouching steps forward,

Where the trees to heaven (pull hands up!

The path will popradem (a few more steps

Deep in the forest become delirious (disclosed fingers to resemble tree branches).

Will stepping to the ravine (slink,

Oh, to endure we fear (trembling):

Everywhere a roar, everywhere a howl (stomp and make scary sounds) –

We have to run home (the children are running!
Guys, you like our lesson? What have you learnt?
The children's responses.
Good bye! See you again!

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