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"Mini mouse in the children" 2018
2016-09-12, 20:22:58
Objective: to consolidate the knowledge acquired during the course of the English language; forming General concepts;

to develop language skills in English;
foster interest in learning English.
-demonstrate an active vocabulary through joining in the game image;
-to form tolerant attitude to the culture of the target language.

Material and equipment:
toys: cow, cat, dog, horse, sheep, pig;
-cards with the image of the professions;
-presentation of the “Odd one out”;
-10 coloured stars;
-character: Mini mouse.

The lesson:

The teacher and the children stand in a circle, teacher greets children: "hello, children!
Children answer: hello, teacher!
From: Let's get in a working mood, we'll do gymnastics for a good mood. The song “Good morning”.
: Children, what day is it today? What day is it? Yes, today is Monday. And today is a very special day! Guys, look who came to visit us? (A toy sitting on a chair). Mini Mouse! Mini mouse came to us from London! What is the London? Yes, it is the capital of the UK. What language is spoken in the UK? OK! You want to communicate with a mouse and find out why she came to visit us?

Children's responses: Yes!

From: Mini mouse has prepared for us jobs. If we perform, we are in for a surprise! For each completed task we will get stars from Mini.

Have: Children, the first task is the dialogue. The first task – a dialogue. Come on, Xenia and Caroline.

Very well, girls! Very well, you get the first star! What color is it? What color is it? Right.

Guys, Mini has a large garden and orchard. And she accidentally mixed up the vegetables, fruits and flowers. Can we help her? Help her to understand? (Children perform the task). Presentation: the game "Odd one out". To summarize: Vegetables, fruits and flowers.

From: Mini mouse very glad that you did a very good job! We have earned 2 stars, what color are they?

: Children, Minnie is tired. Let's have a rest! Guys, A tired, let's warm up. (Children stand on the carpet and the music perform motion along with a Mini mouse). She loved it, and she gives us 2 more stars. What color are they?

3 task– “Professions”. On the easel pictures of the profession. Guys, let's call the profession. (Turns out a few people show and called the profession; also called a chorus). To summarize: professions.

Guys, what do you think a Mini? (answers of children). Mini mouse – super star! Let's you and I dream about who we want to be when we grow up. (Everybody calls the proposal: I want to be a teacher, I want to be a seller). We have done! We coped with the task and get 3 stars. What color are they?

Q: You know not only the names of colors, fruits and vegetables, yet you know the names of animals! And the Mini has a farm where animals live, let's call them and play Mini our favorite game "Who is hiding". Children called animal farm, then I close my eyes and Mini mouse hides one of the animals, children open eyes and guess who is missing. Based on the table set beautifully, are animals) to Summarize: farm animals. Very good! It was the last thing guys that we received 3 stars. What color are they? Now we count how many stars you earned. (turns out 2 of 3, and count, then count the chorus).

Mini mouse really enjoyed your stay with us. You fellows know a lot of words in English! Mini is time to return home to London, but she's definitely waiting for us to visit because we know how to speak English. But the surprise Mini mouse! (Get a basket of mini-books) Reflection: did You like our lesson? What was difficult? You performed quickly and easily? What we liked the most?

Soon you are going to school, and there will continue to study English and Kazakh languages, here are the books prepared for you Mini. Let's say thank you to her? Guys, A mouse will stay with you in the group, Thank you for the lesson! Goodbye, children!

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