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That the child in physical culture? (the program "Childhood") 2018
2016-07-09, 17:52:34
In the first Junior group in the third year of life:

1. Build and rebuild.

2. General developmental exercises:

• starting position (standing, sitting, lying,

• squats,

• simple hand movements (simultaneous and unidirectional) with objects and without them.

3. Basic moves:

• walking and running in different directions,

• exercise in balance (height 25 cm, width 20 cm,

• running in slow and fast pace

• jumps on the spot, and with movement, jumping from the subject,

• rolling a ball to each other, the throwing of the ball through an object, throwing the object in the horizontal and vertical target, off into the distance,

• crawling on all fours.

4. Outdoor games.

In the second youngest group (fourth year of life:

1. Build and rebuild. Ordinal exercise. Turns on the spot.

2. General developmental exercises:

• with objects and without objects

• in different positions (standing, sitting, lying) .

3. Basic moves:

• different types of walking tasks

• run with a change of pace and direction,

• long jump from the place two feet in depth (jumping,

• rolling of the subject, exercises with the ball (hitting and catching, throwing items one and two hands horizontally and vertically at the target, ahead

• climbing step ladders, perestanem and creeping through and under objects.

4. Rhythmic exercises.

5. Sports exercises:

• riding a tricycle,

• stepping step and turns on the spot skiing,

• sliding on icy walkways with the help of adults.

6. Outdoor games. The basic rules of the games.

In the middle group (5-th year of life:

1. Ordinal exercise (build and rebuild, turns in traffic) .

2. General developmental exercises:

• the starting position;

• simultaneous and successive movements of the hands and feet, Mahi, rotation of the hands;

• tempo (slow, medium, fast) .

3. Basic moves:

• running – active push and removal of swing foot;

• jumping is a vigorous push and move those arms forward – upward;

• throwing – starting position, the backswing;

• lasagna – alternating step when climbing on a gym wall by simultaneous method.

4. Outdoor games:

• rules of games;

• functions of driving.

5. Sports exercises:

• skiing – sliding step, turning in place, climbing to the mount;

• swimming – water immersion, alternating movement of the legs, play in the water.

6. Rhythmic movements:

• dance position (initial position) ;

• the elements of folk dances;

• rhythm and tempo of the movements.

• elements of a simple rebuild on the musical signal.

In the older group (sixth year of life:

1. Sequence exercise: the build order in a line, ways to rebuild a 2 and 3 level.

2. General developmental exercises:

• ways to exercise with different objects

• direction and sequence of actions of separate body parts.

3. Basic moves:

• the removal of the swing foot forward in high-speed running,

• uniform running in the middle and a slow pace,

• how to perform jumps in length and height with a running start, jumping rope,

• "school ball" ways of throwing the target and the distance,

• climbing the opposite way.

4. Mobile and sports games:

• rules of games

• methods of selection of the leader.

5. Sports exercises:

• sliding ski move

• slide straight on skates

• dive into the water, slipping in water on the chest and back.

In preparation for school group (7 – th year of life:

1. Sequence exercise: the ways to rebuild.

2. General developmental exercises:

• opposite and of the same exercises

• tempo and rhythm in accordance with music;

• exercises in pairs and sub-groups;

3. Basic moves:

• running – the job hands;

• jumping – dense group, a sustainable balance upon landing;

• throwing – push a vigorous brush, confident and a variety of actions with the ball;

• climbing cadence when climbing and descending.

4. Mobile and sports games:

• rules of games;

• ways of control over their actions;

• methods of transmission and of the ball in different kinds of sport games.

5. Sports exercises:

• sliding variable pitch along the track, the technique of ascent and descent in the low and high rack;

• gliding and turning while skating;

• slide in the water on the chest and back, dive into the water.

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