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The abstract classes in the design group at an early age "the Bridge" bears and bunnies" 2018
2016-05-15, 16:45:15

The aim of the lesson:

Continue to teach the children to place the bricks horizontally. The development of attention, fine motor skills. To educate careful attitude to toys, a good attitude to the game characters and the desire to help them. Create the desire to build another.

Equipment: a bag with colored cubes.

The lesson:

Teacher: you Guys know today I went to you in kindergarten and on the way I met the rabbit with the bear, they saw me and were very happy. I know they said to me, - and would not have you to help us.

-And what at you happened, " I asked. Yes, that's, you know we have a forest across the river was made of logs made the bridge, but today it blew a very strong wind our bridge swayed, swayed from side to side, and then sailed far when far. We followed him for a very long time ran trying to catch up, but the bridge swam further and further, and then completely disappeared around a bend. Us the rest of the animals in the forest told us to go to kindergarten there the guys will help us. And you can ask your children to help us " asked Bunny tatty Teddy from me.

Teacher: Well guys let's help our forest friends? (Yes) .

Teacher: Well, what we will build the bridge now I think. Oh Yes I forgot I also bear a Bunny a interesting bag you gave, well, let's see what there is (Yes) it's a beautiful multi-colored cubes lie. We are now of them and build a bridge for animals. Right fellas (Yeah)

Teacher: Here's a look I'll begin to build a bridge, and you will finish. Watch as I build, I take one cube and put it to another so. Come on now, you, Pauline, try, good call. And now you Serge, well done.

So in order to offer each child to build the bridge.

Teacher: That's what well done guys you have got to see the wonderful bridge turned out, Oh, let's see how that Teddy bear with the Bunny happy. Come on bear with the Bunny try durable if we have the bridge turned out and whether it is convenient for you to walk on it.

Lead bear with the Bunny on the bridge.

Teacher: Well, you see what guys you have me all well done, look like a care bear with Bunny rejoice and say to you for your help thank you. And now the bear with the Bunny it was time to leave because the other animals in the forest waiting for the bridge because can not cross the river. Let us with them say goodbye and play the game.

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