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The Photo "Birthday party in kindergarten» 2018
2018-06-10, 05:11:41
The kids love the holidays together.
We propose to consider the main options of how to celebrate/mark a birthday in kindergarten, and to listo the opinions of those who have had to face this issue. After all, in the end, the final decision to make all the same parents.en t

Birthday in kindergarten-a treat!

Children will certainly be very happy if the birthday boy decides to treat everyone. It could be food for the festive dining table, and just the distribution of "sweet bags". The only point: there is a possibility that you will not be allowed to bring a cake to the kindergarten and pour glasses of soda. Although these" ingredients " of the holiday are easily replaced: juices in bags, cupcakes and cookies in individual packages. A fruit or a beautifully decorated fruit desserts indispensable in a children's birthday party.

Recently we celebrated the birthday of one of the students of our group. He had a happy mood from the arrival to kindergarten.

We decided to make a gift to children-the collective use of spring, may flowers-dandelions. The children were passionate about the work, everyone found what to do for the app.

Then all the flowers were placed in a vase and handed over to the birthday boy. After that played the game "Birthday boy", where, of course, the main character was the birthday boy.

Then came the time of treats-agreeing that children can be treated, the birthday boy himself handed out treats, feeling older, more responsible and on the rights that came to him guests-happy (although in kindergarten).

All were satisfied and in high spirits. Moved the whole holiday for a walk and continued the holiday in games and stories: "how and who had their birthday."

Educators! Do not miss the moment to make children pleasant, good...it will be remembered someday and will respond with good deeds.

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