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Card index of experiments for children 3-4 years
About pilot activities as the basis for the development of intellectual and research abilities of children.

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Work on getting acquainted with the thermometer covers and interpenetrates in a number of other educational areas:
“Knowledge” – children can get specific scientific knowledge encountered and used in everyday life;
“Health” is the attribution of causal relationships between the air temperature and the clothing of man;
“Socialization” – the expansion of children's horizons.
“Communication” is the development of open communication with children in the process of forming scientific knowledge.
“Work” – making direct measurements of the testimony of inanimate nature. Fixing them in the diaries of observations.
Thanks to organized work, our pupils are formed such notions as “interaction of the organism with the environment”, “interaction of animate and inanimate nature”, “man's role in nature”. The curiosity of the children depends on the adults around them that will teach children to see the relationship between air temperature and clothing worn today, to check the accuracy of folk wisdom, marveled at the variety of clouds and try to predict the weather for tomorrow.
The participants of the project
The tutor and the pupils of the senior group.

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Project type: creative, research, games.
Age of children: 2nd Junior group (3-4 years) .
Duration: short-term, 6 weeks.
Topic: Planting onion.
Objective: to summarize and extend the knowledge of preschool children about how to care for plants in the indoor environment; to involve in the work of the project as many children as possible; to make the project the co-creation of teacher, children and parents.
• to teach children to care for plants in the indoor environment;
• to summarize the children's knowledge of necessary light, heat, moisture of the soil for plant growth.

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Children are by nature explorers, with joy and surprise at discovering the world around us. Elementary experiments experiments help children to acquire new knowledge about a particular object or phenomenon. The knowledge gained during the experiments, remembered for a long time. In January our school took place the week of experiments. My kids also experimented. It was very interesting.
Objective: to introduce children to non-traditional material - foam. To generate ideas about the properties of foam: "white", "air", "light".
Develop skills of experimental activity, tactile sensation, imagination and fantasy, emotional responsiveness.

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Software maintenance:
To familiarize children with the properties of ice and snow (hard, soft, cool, melts in heat, turns to water)
To develop attention, mental activity, the ability to make simple conclusions.
Vocabulary work:
Activation dictionary (ice, ice, icicles) .
The surprising point, the game, questions, survey items, the simplest experiments, the story of the caregiver.
Equipment: Snowman (toy, glass bowls, snow ball, ice cubes, trays, napkins, paint, water, colored geometric figures, colored ice)

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Objective: develop skills of experimentation and recording observations, developing the skill to analyze and make predictions based on observations.
I. Correctional education:
1. To broaden and deepen children's ideas about Pets and their offspring.
2. Consolidate knowledge about the external signs of the animals benefits.
3. To develop the ability to use the ablative case of nouns, to exercise in aligning words on cases;
4. To enhance and enrich the dictionary of children nouns, adjectives, verbs on the topic of knowledge.
Vocabulary work: tail, hooves, farm, Piglet, mane, furry, foxy, waving, shaking, hook, casein, fats, algorithm, static electricity

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