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Experiment "Which is reflected in the mirror?" 2018
2016-11-19, 13:10:01
Objectives:to introduce children to the concept of "reflection" to find items that can reflect.

Materials: mirrors, spoons, glass bowl, aluminum foil, new, balloon, pan, worksheets.
Description. The inquisitive monkey is looking in the mirror. What do you see? Look in the mirror and tell me what is behind you? on the left? right? Now look at these items without a mirror and tell me are they different from the ones you saw in the mirror? (No, they are the same.) The image in the mirror is called reflection. The mirror shows the subject for what it really is.

• To children a variety of items (spoons, foil, pans, vases, balloon). The monkey asks them to find all the items in which you can see your face. What did you notice when choosing a subject? Try every item to the touch, smooth or rough it? All objects Shine? View the same whether your reflection in all these subjects? Is it the same form? Where to get the best reflection? The best reflection is obtained in flat, shiny and smooth objects they make good mirrors. Next, the children are encouraged to remember where on the street you can see his reflection. (In a pool, in the river in a shop window.)

• Worksheets children perform the task "Find and circle all of the items in which you can see the reflection".

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