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Experiments with water 2018
2016-11-19, 13:26:31
the aim of the lesson

Create psychological comfort.

Introduction to the game situation, the preparation of children for lessons.
To organize children's attention, to create a game motivation.
Intensification of knowledge.
The development of logical thinking, connected speech.
The use of artistic expression as a means to consolidate the knowledge about water.
To clarify the children's knowledge of the fact that the water we all need and it must be protected.
The development of articulation.
To form the idea that water is a colorless, and milk white.
To form an idea that the water is clear, and milk is not.
To form the idea that water dissolves salt, sugar, coffee. Water can't dissolve Fig.
To form the idea that some substances can stain the water and some are not.
To form an idea about what steam is water.
Self-massage of biologically active points with the purpose of prevention of colds.
The use of animation as a means of learning about the water cycle in nature.
Prevention of visual impairment.
The use of artistic expression and theatricality as a means to consolidate the knowledge about the water cycle in nature.
The use of artistic expression as a means to consolidate the knowledge about the water cycle in nature.
To consolidate the positive results of the classes.

To create a condition of psychological comfort of children.

The lesson

1 Org. Moment.

psychological gymnastics.

Gathered all the children in a circle.

I'm your friend, and you're my friend.

A stronger hand will take

And each other smile.

2 Main part.

Teacher: - Guys, guess the riddle:

It was in the lake, and puddle

She's a snowflake spinning above us,

It was in the kettle we have a boiling

She arranged the running, gurgling. (water)

Teacher: - Guess what we're going to say? We will continue the conversation about water.

The gaming situation.

The group includes the girl in the rim of the droplets.

Teacher: - Guys, who's here? Who are you?

Girl: I'm a transparent drop, I am the daughter of water. Where looked you around my footsteps. On a cloud, the fountain, the waterfall from the mountains. And in the morning on a blade of grass from the droplets pattern.

Teacher: - drop, and why you came to us?

Droplet: - I came to visit my sisters-droplets, who live with you in kindergarten.

Teacher: - Guys, let's help droplet find the sisters, and at the same time and play the ball.

- I will throw you the ball and you guys tell me: - Where you live drops in our garden?

Why we need water?

How do we use it?

(Drink; my hands, toys, floor;

cook; wash; water the flowers)

- Look, I'll tell you about the water!


In a puddle,

In the sea,

In the ocean!

And in the faucet.

As an icicle, frozen,

In the forest mist crawls.

On the stove we have is in full swing.

Steam kettle hissing,

Without it we can not wash!

Not to eat! Not to get drunk!

I dare you to report:

Without WATER we can not live!

- That's how much good that brings us the water!

Let's take care and not to spill!

Articulation gymnastics.

- Guys, do you remember the song of water?


- Sing them?


- The song of water flowing from the tap?

- Like boiling in a saucepan?

- As drops of rain?

- And now we drop let's go to our lab and conduct experiments with water.

Let's remember the rules of the water:

Since water dealing

Sleeves roll up easily.

Spilled water – not a problem,

Cloth always at hand.

Experiments with water

1 Experience. Teacher: Now we are going to scientists. And real scientists do not believe anyone on the word. They all prove conducting the experiments.

-Working all together. (Work in group).

. Children that poured in the bottle? (Children call milk).

- Select a strip of paper that matches the color of milk (children choose).

- Why did you pick this bar?

-Sasha why did you pick this bar?

-What color is milk? (White).

-Return pairs. (Work in pairs).

- Now, select a strip that matches the color of the water. (Children put the strips of paper. Neither the color of the stripes does not match with the color of the water).

-Tanya, did you find such a strip? (None)

- Water is left WITHOUT COLOUR stripes!

- What color is the water? (COLORLESS).

So, dear scientists, we conclude....

Conclusion: Water is colorless, and milk white.

Let me tell you, friends, the secret

And water would color.

Color pick it is impossible

It is colorless, that's for sure.

2 the Experience.

Group work in pairs.

We have sticks. I omitted one stick in a bottle of milk.

And you will have your bottle of water.

- If you can see the wand in the bottle of milk?

- A bottle of water?

-So, what can we say about water?

- What is it? (Transparent.)

- Through clean water we see things.

-Dear scientists view through the bottle.

-Tell me, Cyril, what water?

- The water is clear, therefore, through the visible objects. Milk is opaque, it is white, turbid, and through it objects are not visible.

Conclusion: the Water is clear, and milk is not.

3 Experience.

Group work in pairs.

Teacher: -In bottles of clean water.

- Children... pour a spoonful of salt.

Let's put it together in a glass the label "Salt." Always do in laboratories, so that nothing is confused.

- Mike, get a card with an inscription "Salt".

-What happened to the salt in the bottle?

Where did she go?

Yes, salt dissolved in water. The water became salty.

- Want to try?

-And the second bottle of Vlad and Sasha V. put a piece of sugar refined and also stick the label.

- What happened to the sugar?

- Sugar is also not visible in the bottle? What happened to him?

-And what would taste the water in this bottle? (Sweet.)

-We have another bottle with clean water. That is where you pour? (Instant coffee.)

-Sasha L. And Tanya do it.

-Glue the label "Coffee".

-Look carefully, what's happening? (Coffee first, remains on the surface, gradually begins to dissolve and colour the water.)

Note: coffee should not be stirred.

4 a bottle I'll pour the Fig.

-Mike give me a label "Fig". In-kleiven label.

- Pic disappeared? (Water can't dissolve the rice.)

Conclusion: the Water dissolves the salt, sugar, coffee the Water can't dissolve Fig.

4 Experience.

(Work in group).

-Please note the changed color of the water after adding salt and sugar? (They are not colored water).

–Coffee? (Coffee coloured water)

Rice? (Rice is not colored water.)

Conclusion: Some substances can stain the water and some are not.

5 the Experience.

(Work in group).

- Children sit on chairs.

- For this experience we need the thermos.

- What is the "Thermos"?

-What is it for?

(This is a special vessel, which helps to keep the products at different temperatures.)

- I filled a thermos of hot water.

- Let's remember the rule for the treatment of hot water (children's Responses).

- Do you think that we will see when I open the lid of the thermos? (Answers of children)

- Let's check it?

- What do you think we'll see when I hold the glass to the couple? (Answers of children)

(Just lift the glass and say)

- When water is heated, tiny droplets of water become lighter and rise up, form pairs. Droplets have nowhere to go and they will settle on the glass. The small droplets are attracted to each other and connected to large drops.

(To carry the glass and to show each child).

What you see on the glass? So we conclude: "Steam – what's that? This water".

- Vlad, what is steam?

-Tell me all along.

- .... very carefully worked. They have no one drop past the Cup is not spilled.

-You have made my day!

The self-massage.

- Guys, please stand up

Pours clean water,

(Wave-like motion with hands).

We know how to wash.

(Children RUB the palm of the hand).

My nose, my mouth,

(rubs nose).

My neck, my ears.

(the tragus).

After vitresa drier.

(stroking the forehead).

View the animation.

"The water cycle in nature".

Visual gymnastics.

The droplet on the cloud slept

And then the sky moved.

In the ravines, on bridges,

On the snags and bushes.

(Children watch out for the movement of the droplets).

The theatricality of the poem

"The journey a bit."

I redid the poem of G. Lusnia and dosochinil the end of the poem.

One child reads a poem:

Looming cloud over the village,

(So the kid in the costume of clouds and cloud pictures.)

And erupted in the sky, thunder!

(Out child costume depicts thunder and thunder.)

Rolling thunder, thundering, grumbling,

At all

Anyone in the path of the met.

On the ground the nail head,

Fell a drop of rain.

(It turns out the kid dressed like droplets from a watering pot and dancing watering the flowers, lilacs, vegetable garden.)

Watered a drop all day

In meadows flowers

In the gardens of lilacs.

Not spared and the garden,

Where the green grows different. She was quite a draw,

But became a little stream

(Drop puts the watering pot, suitable for 2 children low to the floor holding the blue piece of fabric (they represent the stream).

And under the heavenly blue,

Smelled of sun and grass.

(Drop "floats")

In the village finished the works,

And fast the river flowed,

(2 children low to the floor holding the blue piece of fabric (they portrayed the stream), raise the cloth a little higher, now they depict the river.)

And there with the boys she

Fun dive to the bottom.

(Drop one hand holds the "boys" made in the technique of applique and "dives").

In the river finished things,

And in the sea drop away.

(2 children holding cloth (they portrayed the river) raise the fabric higher still, now they depict the sea.)

From the shores of far away relatives,

Rocked drop ships.

(Droplet in one hand holds a "ships" made in the technique of applique "sways and dives").

Drop dive to the bottom of the ocean. Then rose the mist.

(Speck gets up dancing around and walks for the children depicting the cloud and thunder).

The cold wind carried her off into the distance, And the yard and winter and February.

(Because of the "clouds and thunder" goes dancing girl dressed in a suit of a snowflake. She dances.).

The drop with the wind was flying across the sky, And a white snowflake fell to the ground.

(Children bow and sit on the chairs).

Teacher: – In nature, water travels,

It never disappears,

The snow will develop, in ice

Melts and again in March.

Suddenly the sky unfurled,

The rain will turn.

Take a look around,

In nature, watch.

Surrounds you everywhere and always

This witch – water.

3 summary of the classes.

Educator. Our lesson ends. Children, what do you remember? Like it? What did you learn?


- Drop now give you the memory of their girlfriends – "droplets".

-Make friends with them and preserve them!

-And I want to offer you fresh spring water!

Just lift the tray. The mugs clean boiled water. (The so-called placebo effect).

- It is very useful for our body!

-The lesson is over. Go up to the group.
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