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"Educational games as a means of development of sensory representations in children of preschool age with mental retardation"

Accelerating the pace of social change, rapid scientific and technological progress, define the need for improvement and intensification of various spheres of professional life and, above all, the intensification of the process of learning children with mental retardation.
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Consultation "the Role of the educator in correctional-developing work with children with the a common speech disorder"

We note the importance of the teacher in the speech group for children with a common speech disorder, it's the execution of tasks of a speech therapist, automation and differentiation of sounds supplied, the holding of articulation and finger-type gymnastics, mastery of which is directly proportional to the development of speech.
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Objective: to contribute to the development of cognitive and intellectual abilities of children.
To promote the formation of children's basic ideas about the Universe and planets of the Solar system (their characteristics, location relative to the Sun, the orbits of the motion) ;
to arouse children's interest in planet Earth, the desire to learn more about its place in space;
to develop their learning experiences in a generalized form with the help of visual AIDS (symbols, conditional deputies, models) ;
to maintain the interest of the children to the adult world and their diverse activities, shaping children's ideas about the human role in the study and exploration of outer space.

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The relevance
     In recent years there has been an increase in the number of children with speech disorders, in particular with General speech underdevelopment. General underdevelopment of speech – defect in which a child with normal hearing and initially saved intelligence are immature all the components of the language system – phonetics, vocabulary and grammar. And, accordingly, the necessity arises of finding the most effective ways of education and training of children in this category.

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Recommendations for correctional-developing work with the child with autism and children with intellectual disabilities

Sensory integration aimed at adapting the child to the surrounding world, because a child with autism isolates himself and separates from the world ("self-defense") – problems with processing sensory information (sound, smell, touch)
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Breathing is one of the manifestations of vital activity of the organism. Ancient people noticed: "While I breathe - I hope".
The respiratory system is unique among other systems, provides the vital functions of the body. And, primarily, due to the fact that the breath may change at our request (i.e., arbitrarily) is deeper, less superficial and more often, with the delay or acceleration of breathing.

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I offer teaching AIDS aimed at the development of speech breath

       In recent times many children suffering from speech disorder. They observed a weak force of exhalation and the duration of the speech exhalation. Therefore, the development of breathing one of the first and very important stage of correctional work with children.
    Kids do not know how to efficiently use the breath, the speech at the breath, which affects the development of speech. Children with weakened inhale and exhale, as a rule, speak quietly.

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Theme: "Magic of electricity"
Integration of educational areas:
"Artistic and aesthetic development", "Physical development", "Cognitive development", "Social-communicative development", "Speech development".
Generalization and extension of knowledge about electricity and ideas about where to "live" electricity and how it helps people.

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Educational goals.
• Learning to compose a descriptive story about the transport algorithm.
• To reinforce in children the ability to classify vehicles by type and purpose.
• Clarify the children's knowledge about features of appearance, the device for transport.
• To intensify in the speech of children difficult words, complex sentences, prepositions and spatial adverbs, vehicle names, professions of people working in transport.
• Vocabulary work: shipyard, sailing.

Corrective tasks.
To develop in children:
oculomotor functions
• expressive facial expressions,
• arbitrary auditory, visual attention,
• observation, imagination,
• fine motor skills.

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