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Spring walk "Suns on the grass" 2018
2016-02-11, 10:06:52

Show the children how to fresh green grass bright yellow dandelions are the first spring flowers. To review plant parts: stem, leaves, flower.

Dandelion loves to welcome guests. For this, he smells so. Smell. Nice smell a flower? And who is sat on it? (Butterfly, dragonfly, bee, bumblebee).

But the white dandelion. He has white little parachutes. If they blow the little parachutes will quickly scatter in different directions. Let's try it! Where'd they go? On the ground, clothes, etc.

Word of art.

Dropped the sun ray gold.

Rose dandelion, first, young.

It's got a wonderful Golden color,

He's a big Golden sun portrait.      
O. Vysotska.

Is dandelion

Yellow sun-dress.

Grow up – dress up

In white dress:

Light, airy,

Obedient to the b
reeze.  E. Serova.

The mobile game "Jump the bell".

The Playground stretched a cord at a distance of 3-4 m from the ground. Tied to bells so that they were above the outstretched arms of the child. The children must jump up and hit the bell with his hands.

Game low mobility.

Playing with soap bubbles. Observe how they scatter in different directions. We blow on them.

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