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Roleplay as a means of promoting friendly relations between students
Among the variety of forms of work play a special role in the role-play. The specifics of role-playing lies in the fact that students in the process of its implementation come together in a role relationship. They act not as I would like, but in accordance with the prescribed role of the rules.
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Parents are the first teachers. They are required to lay the foundations for physical, intellectual and moral development of the personality of the child already in infancy.

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7 tips for parents: "How to deal with the vagaries of the child."

Many parents do not know how to deal with a cranky baby and give vent to emotions.

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Stubbornness – the most common problem faced by adults. Often, we don't have the patience to understand the reasons of such behavior. We respond with irritability or the suppression of and sometimes just ignored the stubborn actions of the child.
Children's stubbornness – the desire to do things his own way, in spite of requests and demands of adults.

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Gail Sheehy has suggested that personal crises visit us every seven years. In a strongly simplified form: 16 years "I'm not little!", 23 - "I'm a full-fledged adult", 30 - "Dreams of youth insolvent", 37 years old - mid-life crisis, looming Death, and so on.
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Education of parents making joint work. Strengthening contacts, cooperation of kindergarten and family. The discovery and development of creative potential of the parents.
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Dear parents!

We hope that the advice that you will hear now will be useful for You.

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I recommend a rough design of the locker rooms in the group in a nautical theme.
This design can be used in the design of the nursery.

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Empowering the formation of family values and traditions.
• talk to parents about family, family traditions and values in the upbringing and development of the child;
• to promote the establishment of family friendly, good relations between generations;
• activization and increase of interest of parents to create family values.

information and communication technology (ICT), sheets of A4 paper, pens, pencils, tape, handouts.
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Developed a program to eliminate fears in children. The implementation of it through a story.

The working title of the program: "I'm not scared". Classes are conducted using a psychological sandbox.
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