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We will talk with you, colleagues, on the topic of soul and spirituality.
The extent to which this topic is relevant, we'll find out with you at the end of our conversation.

What is sincerity? What kind of person can be called mental?

1. Sincerity is the ability to love.

2. Spiritual - the inner, mental world of the person.

Sincerity is the manifestation of certain character traits, feelings and emotions, ability to listen, understand, accept and empathize, to forgive, to warm, to respect, to be tolerant.

The rules of the natural man

Treat people the way you want people treat you.

Read and discuss the parable.

The parable of "the Fragments of kindness"

The family spent the day at the beach. The kids swam in the sea and build castles on the sand. Suddenly in the distance appeared a little old woman. She mumbled something to herself, picking up from the sand some items and shifting them into the bag.

When the old lady passed by this family, she smiled. But no one answered her greeting.

Many weeks later they learned that the old woman picked up from beach glass kotohime children could porani t her feet. When the family found out about it.

Finish the situation.

I think you will agree with me that it is impossible to judge about the man and his works superficial. The good things always have to respond with good.

The teacher reads the poem:

Go to the light I have kindled fire:

I'm ready to warm those who in this hour of lonely,

Those who just want to. as for Muse, believe me,

Turn to heat too long ago by osetinian side.

Come to light: I'm ready to share the dream

I do not mind to give you the latest white wings.

I'm willing to listen to anyone with an open mind

To help you in times of trouble, and deaf to impotence.

Go to the light, I want to give you warm,

I want so badly to say something that you are not alone in this world

What happens in life, everything is simple, easy and light,

If you like her children in response smile a little wider.

Remember what Proverbs about kindness, you know.

1. Good word man, like rain in a drought.

2. Not clothes makes the man, and his good deeds.

3, When the sun is warm, with mother - good.

4. A kind word and a cat is nice.

Each of us has a small sun. This sun - kindness. The good person loves people, animals and helps them. A good man loves nature and preserves it. And kindness and help warm as the sun.

Kindness is needed in order to all of us it was easier to live and communicate with one another to this fellowship brought joy.

Conclusion: the Main soul quality - kindness, but also of kindness we might call compassion, health, experience for anyone, respect.

And what is spirituality?

1. The inner world of man.

2. Is that against the materiality.

3. Faith in something good.

4. The ability to live according to the laws of morality.

5. Patriotism towards his country, his people, his family, respect for nature and animals.

6. Constant work on yourself to develop the best traits of his character.

Spirituality is the inner world of man, his understanding and attitude towards good and evil, to the family, friends and other people, the level of his accomplishments, love for his homeland, the country, traditions, nature, adult labor, respect for elders. If a person is on positive holistic guidance, his healthy mind, healthy actions, healthy behavior and healthy lifestyle. This is the main prevention of all diseases.

Emerging spirituality, primarily in the family. The family is the main source of the origin of spirituality.

What do you think, how important the spiritual education of the child?

What age do you believe it is necessary to lay the foundations of spirituality (morality?

Why a preschool child psychologists say the most favorable period for laying the moral qualities of the child (the Foundation of personality is laid in preschool childhood).

A child is a clean sheet, he copies the actions of adults.

Spiritual education involves a high level of spirituality among the adult.

Whether the person is angry and selfish to bring up spiritually rich man.

Does patriotism to spirituality? Patriotism - love of country, respect for adults, elders.

What is patriotism in a young child?

Spirituality are feelings, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, desires, consciousness, thinking, tact, culture, education, knowledge, beauty, love, kindness, mercy.

The teachers and parents to create conditions for the development of the formation of the creative expression of the spiritual forces of the child.

From the point of view of educational science the primary means of spiritual and moral education of the preschool child is communication.

Special spiritual potential of a teacher with parents. Every child comes with questions, which often have a place in the family. The teacher's task not to destroy family values and to enrich their contents spiritual needs including the need to talk to children on ethical subjects, to answer the children's questions about "what is good and what is bad." You need to use the family experience in their work and the opportunity to correct it.

In what may be the assistance of a teacher family education spiritual and moral qualities? (teachers ' answers).

Spiritual parenting is an important component in the upbringing of the baby, that spirituality provides a child with traits such as kindness, helping one's neighbor, respect for elders, love of country, to the family.

We're talking about the warmth and spirituality. The Foundation of these qualities is love.

The game [c]"Pyramid of love"

Each of you loves someone. We all have that feeling, and we all have different ways we Express it. I love my family, my friends, my job. And you tell to someone you love. Let's build a pyramid of love. (Everyone puts their palm on the palm of the other with the words "I love my daughter, her friend, etc.).

The result: In one notion of the soul and spirit can not exist in one person. Higher spiritually than man, so it is heartier, the more good he brings into the world.

I believe on this theme it is possible to speak much and long, because it is very relevant in our time. I thank colleagues for participating in this discussion.

I want to call to your attention a short film about the manifestation of spirituality and warmth. Thank you all.

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