Activities to develop fine motor skills 2018
2016-07-30, 09:46:06
For the development of a small motility it is recommended to perform with the child as often as possible exercise

• stroking the pencil in different directions;
• draw with paint, pencils;
• sculpt from clay, clay;
• cut paper;
• make application;
• tear the paper with your hands;
• folding the paper;
• to add a mosaic;
• collect from the designer;
• tying shoelaces;
• knit rope knots;
• sew on buttons (invite a child to paint a locomotive, but instead of wheels to sew on buttons) ;
• knit, embroider.
• If you are cooking scrambled eggs, have child finely-finely mangled bits of eggshell and take out pieces of the picture, like a mosaic.
• If you bake pies, invite the child to scattered evenly flour to draw a picture, write letters, numbers.

Or make something from the test. Now I will give You the salt dough and we'll try to sculpt out of dough horseshoe for luck

Game for development of memory of the child

• encourage your child to look through and remember what was the room before cleaning. Let the child will draw. After harvesting, the child must compare the room before cleaning and after to find differences, and the pattern will help him in this.
• retell stories, poems, you read to the child;
• tell me in the evening, what kind of sounds (objects, odors) he heard (seen, felt), per day (or over some period of time, for example while having dinner) ;
• to summarize the events in the cartoon that he watched yesterday (the need to remember who the characters said what they did) ;
• look at any object for 30 seconds, and then either draw or verbally describe it.

Game for development of attention of the child
• Cleaning the room or cooking, you can play a game: you name any words (read a poem, a tale or sing a song, and the child must clap your hands every time you meet a word beginning with the letter "K" ("M", "B", etc.).
For the development of the emotional sphere also need:

when reading fairy tales, watching movies ask the child what the characters feel, what their mood;

• more likely to tell the child about his own condition (for example: "today I am very happy I like to sing and dance like the sun inside of me", etc.) .

Games for imagination development

• Ask the child to show (to portray gestures, posture) various pieces of furniture.

• Encourage your child to consider different vegetables and say what they're like. (let's play)

• Encourage your child to transform into any object in the room or in the kitchen (for example, in the sofa, and come up with a story about the subject ("I — sofa, live in the living room, etc.).

To increase self-esteem teach your child to see the advantages. Talk often to him about what he is wonderful how you love him. Avoid comparisons with other children; don't tell him when he can't do something that he did not know how, on what not capable, etc.

Currently, the family members spend far less time with each other. Insufficient and inadequate communication with parents, lack of joint games and activities not only limits a child's development, but also put his health to the brink of mental and emotional stress.

To lose a child in the game (a parent passes the child a toy and acknowledges the child's feelings)
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