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Dear parents!

We hope that the advice that you will hear now will be useful for You.

In each period of a child's life the activity of his body is connected with the solution of certain priority vital tasks. In the preschool period is a task of social significance, such as the development of speech. It is one of the most difficult mental functions of the person. Statistics show that the percentage of children with speech infringement has been steadily growing. Today, according to the health in 30% of infants present with various speech disorders, ie, one-third of all children speech function does not reach the standards and demands of additional influences.

A way out of this situation is the search for research directions in physical education. Scientists Pavlov and A. A. Leontiev proved that the higher motor activity of the child, the better her speech develops.
Precise execution of exercises for hands, feet, torso, head, prepares and perfects the movement of articular organs (lips, tongue, lower jaw, which are leading in the formation of correct sound pronunciation. Motor activity of the child helps to intensively develop his speech, on the other hand, the formation of movements occurs when the part of speech.

To the forms of organization of motor activities include:

Morning gymnastics

Outdoor games and physical exercises for a walk

The gymnastic minute

Exercise after sleep

Tempering actions

Independent motor activity

Active rest

However, physical activity is not the most interesting for a child without the use of morning exercises, when performing priming, independent of motor activity, physical exercises without mobile games with a poetic text. A poem is selected so that to match the rhythm of poetic lines with the movement of the arms, legs and torso. For example, offer You morning exercises:

Children do exercises –

Who prikocko who squatting,

Someone shoulder raises

Someone the shoulders down.

To make hand flapping,

Right swing, left swing,

The half squat,



All athletes helmet bow.

Familiarity with forest inhabitants

We have a glorious posture, we brought the shovels.

We walk on his toes and then on heels.

Go gently, as the cubs are

And as the Bruin bear,

And as grey wolf - the wolf,

And how cute scaredy-cat.

Here the wolf curled up in a ball,

Because he was chilled.

The ray of a hedgehog concerned,

The hedgehog stretched herself luxuriously.

Gymnastics after sleep:

Cilia rise

Eyes open.

Together all woke up

He stretched and smiled.

Head turning in all directions I look.

All quietly got up,

Tilts to make steel.

Squat, squat

The legs are fully bendable.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 the wolf try to catch up with them.


Pinocchio after sleep

Doing exercises.

Time will bend,

Two sets down

And go to heels.

Left leg, right leg,

Sit friends a little bit.

And now they all stood up,

Dress ran.

Language development is closely associated with the movement of the fingers. Finger exercises are a good stimulus for the emergence of speech. Therefore, the level of speech development of the child is in direct proportion to the degree of development of thin movements of fingers of a human hand.
And for this we offer, as often as possible to use finger gymnastics or game:
Game for little fingers

• Select by touch of 4 or 5 soft toys (valid only Bunny).

• Find with your eyes closed 2 of the same stuffed toys (anything like this? what is the difference?.

• To the touch (through the tissue) to determine the contents of the bag (in the bag can be cube, doll, machine, spool of thread, etc.).

• With the help of sticks, with your eyes closed to "define" the subject, standing on the table.

• Touch to see the laces in a toy – tablet.

• With eyes closed to build in order dolls.

Exercises for fingers

Up her hands! Bang! Bang!

Knees – chop chop!

Now clap on the shoulder,

The sides themselves postepay.

Can pop back!

Clap in front of you!

Right can! Left can!

And criss-cross hands fold.


Alternately brigiba fingers to the palm of your hand under the text, starting with the big one.

We collect in a basket

And carrots and potatoes

Cucumbers, beans, peas,

We harvest not bad.
Active recreation can be carried out outdoor games with breathing exercises.

Butterfly, crane, frog

The children moved around the room. On the command "moth" - active strokes of his hands; to "crane" - the pause and balance on one foot; on the command "toad" jumping on all fours – first hands, then feet, with the accent on the exhale, "kVA - kVA –kVA".

Snowflakes and breeze

The children are divided into 2 teams "Snowflakes" and "Breeze". Snowflakes are swirling, running on toes; the breeze in that time resting. After the words "wind up", the children on the exhale say "sh –sh –sh" and snowflakes are hiding from the wind, are deposited. The game continues 4 to 5 times; after that, the children in the teams switch roles.

The child's speech is formed, for example, the speech of relatives and people close to him: his mother, father, grandparents and older siblings. It is therefore very important that the child from an early age heard the correct distinct speech, for example, which formed his own. Parents just have to know the importance for a child's speech adult. Adults are supposed to speak correctly without distorting the words, clearly pronouncing every sound, do not rush, do not "eat" syllables and word endings. If adults do not follow his speech, to the ear of the child many of the words came distorted ("overcame" instead of "see", "Beja" instead of "don't run", "finally" instead of "generally", etc.). It is especially clear that to utter strangers, to new child's words. As speech deficiencies, entrenched in childhood, with great difficulty to overcome in subsequent years. Therefore, deviations it is better to prevent than to correct formed.

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