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Many researchers (3. Freud, A. Gesell, etc.) considered these moments as a "disease of development", the negative result of the collision of developing the individual and social reality.
L. S. Vygotsky developed the concept in which phases of gradual changes alternate with age-related crises.
Gail Sheehy has suggested that personal crises visit us every seven years. In a strongly simplified form: 16 years "I'm not little!", 23 - "I'm a full-fledged adult", 30 - "Dreams of youth insolvent", 37 years old - mid-life crisis, looming Death, and so on.


Vygotsky described the following crises:

the crisis of the newborn separates the embryonal period of development from infancy;

crisis 1 year - separates infancy from early childhood;

crisis 3 years - transition to pre-school age;

crisis 7 years is the connecting link between pre-school and school age;

the crisis of adolescence (13 years old)


This is one of the most difficult moments in a child's life. First is dependence on adults, the formation of affection and trust to Another. Later, the destruction, the revision of the old system of social relations, the crisis highlight his "I". A child separated from the adults, trying to establish with them a new, deeper relationships.

seven years

In 7 years the child comes to understanding their place in the world of public relations. He discovers the value of the new social position — the position of the pupil related to the adults appreciate the educational work. And let the desire to occupy this new place in life appeared in the child not in the initial training, and a year later still the formation of the corresponding internal position radically changes its identity.


The crisis of adolescence is primarily associated with sexual maturation and reorganization of the entire organism of the child.

Sometimes the whole adolescence called "protracted crisis."


Much less studied crises of Mature age periods of life and old age. They occur significantly less frequently than in childhood, and occur, as a rule, more hidden, without marked changes in behavior. What is happening at this time, the adjustment processes of semantic structures of consciousness and reorientation to new life challenges, leading to a change of the nature of the activities and relationships have a profound influence on the further course of personality development

17-20 YEARS

At this age a person is already formally considered an adult. Moreover, adults he considers himself, and therefore tries to prove to himself and the rest of the world. In addition, this time a real, adult responsibility: army, first job, University, perhaps the first marriage. Behind no longer stand the parents, really starts an independent life, is impregnated with many hopes for the future

Thirty years

At this time estimates made and is much more sober look at the future. He begins to want peace, stability. Many at this age begin to "make a career", while others devote more time with the family, hoping to find a "meaning of life", something that seriously would have taken the mind and heart

40-45 YEARS

Man sees old age ahead, and beyond it the worst — death. The body loses strength and beauty, wrinkles, gray hair, overcome by illness. It's time for the first fight with old age, a time when you hit it in a love adventure, then head to go into work, then begin to do extreme things like skydiving or climbing mount Everest. During this period, some seeking refuge in religion, others — in different philosophies, and others, on the contrary, become more cynical and angrier.

60-70 YEARS

People in these years, as a rule, retires and does not know what to do. Besides, health is not the same, old friends far away, and someone might be dead the children are grown and live a long time his life, even if in the same house with their parents. The man suddenly realizes that life is coming to an end and he is not at the centre of its rotation, that his century — ends. He feels lost, you may become depressed, lose interest in life.

The fact that in human life there are crises, turning points when a rethink of all the past life and the acceptance of new decisions, known a long time.

Negative manifestations of age-related crises are not inevitable.

Flexible changing educational influences, given what is happening with the man of change can significantly mitigate the occurrence of age-related crises.

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