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To introduce the concept of conflict types of conflict causes, positive and negative sides of conflict, manifestations of conflict behavior, ways of resolving the conflict, create the ability to behave without conflict, considering the interests and needs of others.
The prevention of conflicts. Preservation of psychological health of participants of educational process.

Materials and equipment:



Sheets of paper

Conflict situations on sheets of paper



U p R a W n e n and e 1 (3-4 min.)

Host: Stand in a circle, look carefully at each other and lower the eyes down. After a signal (clap) all need to raise their heads and point the finger at someone here. If the choice matches, a couple of steps aside.

So until then, until the group split into pairs.

U p R a W n e n e 2 Danish Boxing (5-7 min.)

Host: Stand facing each other at arm's length. Then squeeze your hand into a fist and press the fist of the partner so that the little finger was pressed against the little finger of the partner, etc., All four fingers should be held tightly. On the count of three the fight thumbs. The winner is the one whose thumb will be on top, pushing the thumb of a partner to his fist for a second. To hurt impossible.

Discussion: analysis of the feelings from the game. What kind of feelings? How to evaluate feelings? (5 min.)

Brainstorm "What is conflict?" (work sheets) in the table associative. (5-7 min).

The game "Rope" (7-10 min)

On request 2 volunteers. Two moms arguing over the children play in the sandbox. Start to pull the rope to each other, proving his innocence and asking for help from other group members. Who support one side or the other, also taken at the ends of the cord and pull to the side. All involved.

Lead attaches to the side of the main opponents, and others continue to pull the rope.

Watching from the side.


Why are you arguing?

What is the reason for confrontation?

How it applies to you?

How can I resolve this situation?

Whether in conflict situations to call for help of other people. Which are not relevant to your situation?

And if you draw, what happens?

Moderator: (5 min) In the course of the game we clearly saw how often the conflict takes place. At the end of "two assailant" stepped aside, and the others continued to argue. Often in life, this situation leads to bad consequences.

Do come in conflict – constructive and destructive --

At first there are new connections, interactions, while in the latter, relationships are destroyed.

There are ways of resolving conflicts

Care---: avoidance of conflict, the desire to get out of a conflict situation, not solving it.

Device---: change of position, smoothing of contradictions, the rejection of their interests.

Competition--- (a military solution, the struggle) an open struggle, defending its position, the desire to prove the other wrong, the use of physical coercion, blackmail

Compromise-settlement of differences through mutual concessions. The subject of the dispute is divided equally, or are selected equal in value.

Cooperation --- changing the subject of the dispute on such which satisfy both parties.

Prevention of conflicts is the task of parents and educators

To completely prevent the conflicts between children in a kindergarten impossible, and not necessary. These situations and the output of which is the basis of socialization of the child in the future. To help your child to behave in quarrels and disputes – the task of parents in the process of preparing the child for kindergarten and teachers in the process of visiting a kindergarten child.

Ways of such assistance few.

Game Play together with your child: when there is a common goal, the joy, experience for the common good, allocation of responsibilities, coordination of actions, the child learns to yield to the desires of others or to convince them of the correctness, to act together to achieve a common result.

Very important role play. Let the room (group) will become a hospital, a shop, a highway, and the child, doctor, salesman, driver. After all, every role involves partner: a doctor and patient, the seller and the buyer, and it helps to develop a child's communication skills.

Techniques of non-fiction type

• Encourage your child to greetings and farewells, exchange of impressions after the game.

• Give the baby to decide when to start and finish the game, to assign the roles.

• Carefully listen to the child and teach him to explain his feelings.

Control over own emotions

Showing love to the baby, try not to cast into his mind thoughts of his own exceptionalism. The child needs to know that you're doing his wishes, and sometimes whims, not because they have to, but because I love him. And sometimes ask the child to make concessions.

Remember, a little selfish often get into conflicts in kindergarten and they are much harder to get out of such situations than other kids.

U p R a W n e n and e: "learned" (15 min.)

To prepare a conflict situation.

Analyzed real conflict situation

U p R a W n e n and e: "Puzzle-ball" (5 min.)

Group members need from the floor without hands to raise balloons. Then clamp one between the brows, and the other between their bellies and bring them to a certain place.


As the pair came to the decision of a difficult question?

Once I was able to complete a task or had to overcome the difficulty? What?

When there was a solution?

Reflection: (5 min)

Keep the phrase "Today I particularly ...

Keep the phrase "Today I ....


Situation to solve.

Child complains of another child "He hit me!".

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