Decorative Wool Finger Puppets, Multicolor 2018
2017-12-10, 19:54:22

Theater on your fingers. Develops children's imagination, thinking, creativity, language. You can work with your child parents, staging a fairy tale. Interests a child. Work fingers hides children's speech.
Decorative Wool Finger Puppets, Multicolor,
The original author'sa quality product. Hand-knitted products.
Classes can be conducted with children from 3 years.

Size: 4,01 x 3,14 x 2,75 inches
The original packaging is attached.

For the first five buyers, the Finger Theater will cost $ 14.89 + $ 2 shipping
Product info: 100% wool.
Possible execution of work under the order.

Price: $19.89 + $3.97 shipping.

More detailed information about the order via e-mail: olgayuzyk@gmail.com or in private message.

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