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Currently, increasingly heard the question about the health of the younger generation. This question has been discussed by physicians, parents, teachers. The relevance of this issue is increasing not only among the population of our country, but also among the inhabitants of our planet. Any state seeking to improve the health of its population, because health is the most important value for man.
The main task of society to raise a child healthy, harmoniously developed, able to withstand the adverse environmental conditions.
The preservation and strengthening of health of preschool children is currently one of the priorities. The main goal of our Wellness works – creating a motivation for the need to strengthen and preserve their health and the health of other people.

To inculcate the skills of healthy lifestyles in children is impossible without a quality relationship between all parties surrounding the child: teachers, PRESCHOOL, family. Therefore, a system of interaction "child – parent – teacher". In their work, our team takes as a basis the principle of interaction with the family, involving parents in common education space. In connection with the line of work, our DOE is constantly working with parents in the form of various assistance, the involvement of parents in joint activities to enhance motor activity, organization of events, trips, leisure, routes of the day.

Our work includes the following forms of interaction with family: Survey ("Leisure in family", "take Care of the baby's health", "healthy lifestyle in the family", "exercise at home", "a Place for the sports area you have a home"). - Consultations ("non-standard equipment for gymnastics with their hands", "are Forming the correct posture," "vision Care" child "Exercises for correcting flat feet in children", "Barrier SARS", etc.). - The conversation ("the Correct mode of the day in the life of a preschooler", "let's Talk about proper nutrition, physical exercise with a child", etc.). - Parent meetings ("We health say "Yes,"", "Health is our goal", etc.). - "Open day", "What is good for the health of the baby." - Round table "Be healthy and successful," "Important commandments of health"). - Individual interviews ("the Physical features of your child", "the Importance of joint activities with children", "family adventures"). Family sports competitions and evening entertainment ("the adventures of dunno", "Together with the whole family, athletes on the earth Russian", "Sports moms"). – Exhibitions ("Custom image", "Sports family", "Sport in our group"). - Photo gallery ("Healthy lifestyle", "Geocaching in a pine forest", "traffic rules and exercise", "Fun in winter", "Weekend"). Joint excursions and Hiking, routes the output with the conduct of routing games in the style of "Geocaching", "Quest", "Games with elements of orienteering".

An important aspect of the work with parents is a strategy concerning the organization of the health saving environment not only in DOE, but also at home. And promotion of healthy habits, the execution mode of the day. It is necessary to encourage parents to be an example for children to take a proactive stance.

Targeted at priority allows to increase the participation of parents in the life of DOE, to create motivation for a healthy lifestyle in every family, to achieve the main goal: "Healthy family, healthy nation".
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