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Empowering the formation of family values and traditions.
• talk to parents about family, family traditions and values in the upbringing and development of the child;
• to promote the establishment of family friendly, good relations between generations;
• activization and increase of interest of parents to create family values.

information and communication technology (ICT), sheets of A4 paper, pens, pencils, tape, handouts.
How do You think the meaning of the word – Family? (responses of parents) – a group of relatives living together.

Long about home and family have always said with a smile and love. From the distant past have reached us legends, tales, Proverbs and sayings about family. Let them remember. I start and you finish.

Visiting is good, but ... (home is best)

Not red hut angles, and ... (red pies)

What is at home, so ... ()

Children are not a burden, but ... (joy)

When the family is together, and ... (heart)

Continuing with the topic of family education, I want special attention paid to the values of family education. Today we will together try to determine the values of the family education, which are fundamental, understandable and necessary for the development and education of children.

Here before you is "sunshine", which we call the "Value of family education". The rays of this sun no. The rays actually will be those values that we define.

2. The link between generations.

I'll make the puzzle. Try to count how many in the family.

Look, this is my family:

Grandpa, grandma and brother.

We have order in the house, lad

And purity, and why?

Two moms we have in the house,

Two dads, two sons,

Sister, sister-in-law, daughter,

And the youngest – Me.

What do we have family? (6 people)

With this problems we have touched upon very interesting and important topics – sibling relationships. Many families maintain close and good relations with the grandparents. Around each of us, a lot of people, relatives with whom we are associated in the history of mankind one blood. And each of us is a follower of its kind. The rod is strong, who their ancestors remembers, respects and protects. Proposed creative task "draw a schematic for your family."

Men paint is not necessary.


– Who has the largest family?

– Someone in the family and grandparents participate in raising the child?

The link between generations is the value of family education. Attach a ray to the sun – 1.

3. A family photo album.

– What subjects can be a source of knowledge about the family?

– What information can be gleaned from the child from the family album?

Family album is a vast meaningful living space, very simple and intuitive even for the baby, but on the other hand is mysterious and amazing. Sometimes children do not understand and wonder, and sometimes don't even believe that adults too, were once children. It is very helpful to tell your child about the events of his childhood, using photos. It can be about fun, successful, and Vice versa about some failures, but with whom you did it, learned something, encouraging your child that he will succeed. Try to make some pages of the family album together. Each page will be associated with some story of life and will be remembered by the child. In the album you can put some picture of the child next to the picture of the age in which he drew it.
Your children drew family. Here are the pictures. We offer you to place that picture in a photo album, and a number of photos of your family currently, or photo of the child, but to do it with the baby. Parents hear children's drawings "my family" photo album.
Family photo album – this is the value of family education. Attach a ray to the sun – 2.

4. Cooperative play - workshop "It's interesting".

What do you think the lesson most of all it brings children and adults? What is the most interesting and exciting?

The responses of the parents.

Of course it's a collaborative game. Cooperative play, according to teachers and psychologists, are the most productive and efficient in the education of preschoolers and this activity, which undoubtedly is value of family education, we have not yet named.

Cooperative play is the value of family education. Attach a ray to the sun – 3.

And we invite you to play, one of very useful games, which develop motor skills, preparing the child for writing and reading, and most importantly bring together adults and children is the finger game "this finger....".

This thumb – grandfather,

This finger – my grandmother,
This finger – daddy,
This finger – mom,
This finger – Y.
That's my family!

5. The joint activities. Applique "to Decorate a cake"

At all times the family strengthen emotional connections between parents and children. People are given the luxury of human communication, but do we know how to use this luxury, and teach this to their children?

The researchers argue that parents talk with children about 20 minutes a day. 10 minutes accounted for the distribution instructions. You can argue and reply that today the dynamics of life too fast and very difficult to find time for communication. Everything happens in a hurry. Remember how the morning begins in your home. In the morning you give children guidance, Recalling how they should behave during the day.

Next time, meet the children in the evening. Common dinner conversation to create family comfort. Such moments can unite and strengthen the family. However, again the communication is limited to short phrases. Is it possible to communicate when the TV is on, and there is an interesting TV show?

But you can refuse the TV and make dinner together.

In joint activities, where each party fulfilling its role works closely with other members of the common cause, and the result depends on how a good relationship worked. For children it is important to know that you trust him, to feel its significance and necessity. Business educate the children a sense of responsibility, confidence, increase self-esteem, develop positive emotions: a sense of joy, satisfaction, but most importantly, bring it closer to parents, siblings and other family members.

Applique "to Decorate a cake".

Joint activity is the value of family education. Attach a ray to the sun – 4.

6. Family tradition. The game "Pyramid traditions."

The most striking element of family upbringing is family traditions.

Today our guest is a family with experience and young families, which have not yet appeared in the family tradition, we try to offer them a variety of traditions. Is the game "Pyramid traditions."

Take each onion ring and put on a stick, invite any family tradition, but not repeating the already said, and not sure if it was your family tradition.

It is very important that the child was an active participant in family traditions and not the observer that he, along with all prepared and lived this tradition, only then it will be for him and his future family tradition. To summarize:

Family tradition – is the value of family education. Attach a ray to the sun – 5.

7. Joint entertainment. The chicken dance (performed by together).
Joint entertainment is the value of family education. Attach a ray to the sun – 6.

8. Summing up.

Let your house is always peace, comfort, warmth, and sunshine.
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