Flowerpots for a flower bed from a plastic bottle 2018
2018-02-03, 20:54:26
Funny hedgehogs to decorate the site. Flowerpots for a flower bed from a plastic bottle

Funny hedgehogs to decorate the site. Flowerpot for a flower bed. It is made from improvised materials, which does not require any expenses. Funny hedgehogs that will please children and adults!

We need a five-liter bottle and a clerical knife. Cut one side of the bottle. Since the upper part of the bottle already resembles a hedgehog's face, it remains to be covered with burlap or, as in my case, old pantyhose.

Now make eyes. They can be made from "wonder-clay" or use ready-made

It remains to increase the needles, in our case, fluffy greens. A lawn is very suitable. At the bottom of the pots, it is necessary to pour claydite or small stones, planting greens as in a room sauce, it is better to apply a special primer

That's what we got. So you can make a whole family! Excellent for the ecological zone. And also such hedgehogs can be planted on the windowsill in a group and, together with the children, they plant a ray in it. Children will be very interested in watching the growth of greenery every day! It is better to do this work with parents and children. In the kindergarten or school supervised

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