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For the child's spiritual center and moral Foundation is the family, its values, principles, relationships – family structure.

To the society to get harmoniously developed personality with active and healthy lifestyle, you need to work with parents.

Traditional forms of work with parents include: parent meetings, school conferences, individual consultations of the teacher, a visit at home.

Among non-traditional forms of work with parents can highlight thematic consultations, parent reading, parent evening, training sessions, round table.

Cooperation of teachers with parents is key to the success of educational activities with students, as the family has a significant influence on the personality development of the child.
Educational work cannot be built without considering how the forms in the family the individuality of the child. Must learn to cooperate with parents. To do this:

– To establish friendly relationships with parents: their son or daughter is the best kid in the world.

Together with parents to develop a single view of the child based on trust to his personality.

To consider the joint requirements to the child, not to infringe on his rights and freedom.

– To develop for a child mode of life and work at home after returning from the sanatorium.

– To constantly inform parents about the process of education and progress, progress in the development of the child.

– To organize pedagogical education of parents, increasing their pedagogical culture.

The most desired topics for discussion:
1.”The only child in the family. Ways of overcoming difficulties in education”
2.”Anxiety children. What it may lead?”
3. “A shy child. Problems of shyness and ways of its overcoming”
4. “Year of the child's birth, how he was?”
5. “How I see the future of my child?”
6. “Friends of my child”
7.“The birthday of our family”

Fellow teachers can be advised to take note of the following rules of effective interaction between teacher/tutor with the students ' families:

- Always create the necessary conditions for communication.

- Do not talk with parents in a hurry, on the run.

- To talk with their parents calmly, not trying to edify and teach.

- To be able to patiently listen to their parents, to give a voice to all the pressing issues.

- Do not rush to conclusions! Ponder well what you parents heard.

- What parents told you, should not be shared with other parents, students and teachers.

- If you have a professional need to share that information reported to parents, with someone else, parents need to put aware of this.

- In preparation for a meeting with the family of the student, it must be remembered that any parent wants to hear not only bad, but good, giving a chance for the future.

- Every encounter with the family of the student should result in constructive recommendations for parents and students.

The active form of work with parents who want to change your interactions with your own child, is parent training. It should involve both parents. There are a number of comprehensive training exercises that can help parents.
For example, books I. M. Markov “Training of interaction of parents with children” and

I. V. Samoilenko “Training for parents”. Parents need to always remember the parting words of a famous teacher A. S. Makarenko, who wrote:

”No tyranny, no anger, no shouting, no blandishment, but a calm, serious and business - that's what should be in the family.”

Perhaps one of the memos to parents will provide them with necessary assistance in the development and education of their children:

Reminder for parents

1. Give kids tasks, the implementation of which is included in the daily Affairs of the family.
2. To make a uniform and constant demands for labour of the child.
3. Available to explain to children the meaning of work and its importance for family members.
4. Help your child only if he really needs help.
5. Working together with children, organize joint work of children.
6. Treat child labor as a serious matter, don't make it into the game. At the same time use game forms of work organization to maintain a child's interest to him.
7. Never use work as a means of punishment.

A. S. Makarenko has repeatedly said: ”the Pride of his parents is a moral Foundation for the takeoff of the child's personality. Shame for your parents is the severity of the heart that does not allow the child to climb”.

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