Game Pokemon Go is able to heal from depression - the scientists 2018
2016-07-27, 09:35:48
Member of the scientific Board of the journal Computers in Human Behavior, and the owner of a popular psychological portal Psychcentral John Grohol (John M. Grohol) in the blog wrote that Pokémon Go can contribute to improving the psychological health of people.

Using the camera and sensors of the smartphone, as well as data about the current location, the game fills the real world with pokemon, as users walk down the street and explore the different sights and interesting places of the city in order to catch the creatures.

Grohol writes in his blog that physical activity, which develops the user, may be useful for their psychological health. He notes that Twitter users who, according to them, suffer from depression have noticed a positive effect Pokémon Go.

Some studies show that physical exercise and daily walking can be a means of dealing with depression.

However, as noted by Grohol, the problem is that people are really suffering from depression is quite difficult to get started.

"The person suffering from depression or another form of emotional distress, the idea of exercise seems almost impossible. Suffering from social anxiety people are frightened by the idea that you have to go out and possibly faced with other people who want to talk," says the psychologist.

However, the application forces people to leave home in search of a reward, not putting the main goal of overcoming emotional difficulties.

This side effect may be useful for mentally disturbed people. In addition, positive action can have and the location of some pokemon in the water or in nature, as research shows that the daily contemplation of nature within 30 minutes can improve the condition of depressed person.

Got up and went

However, deep immersion in the game has its advantages.

First, the pokémon did something that was not possible to thousands of doctors and fitness trainers, — to separate modern humans from computers and to drive them Hiking. For Pokemon Go! players scored Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The distance travelled, the average gamer during the day, more than 10 km away Not to go will not work: eggs which hatch into new pokémon, require movement; 5 km one egg. Surprisingly, this distance gamers run without noticing a movement from the pokemon to the pokemon I hope to collect mushrooms.

Secondly, Pokemon Go! turned out to be a powerful way to increase self-esteem. In the game gamers, from the point of view of others, look quite ridiculous: move around the selected location, stop suddenly, so fiercely to poke a finger in the smartphone... But the players themselves (even the most notorious) the opinions of others suddenly becomes indifferent. They do what they like, not paying attention to sidelong glances.

Thirdly, the pokémon have become a unifying factor. There, in augmented reality, players are forced to get to know people on your team — because without them the "tower" does not hold. Active in Network groups are created, broken down by towns and areas: players, not knowing each other, suddenly you find among the neighbors minded.

Fourth, Pokemon Go! helps to cope with depression and anxiety. This conclusion was made by American psychologists. So, a doctor of psychology and founder of the website Psych Central John Grohol studied the experience of the players, which they spread to Twitter and other social networks, and came to the conclusion that the game improves mood, increases self-esteem, helps to overcome the fear of communication.

Boom ahead

Pokemon Go! continues to gain momentum. If, before the last weekend (16-17 July), the number of people watching a date as servers, Niantic, was 600 thousand, it is already Monday July 18, they became 1.5 million. By next Monday 25 July this figure, according to experts, can jump ten times.

Niantic does not hide its profits: only Pokemon Go! the Studio earns more than 1.6 million a day. And the capitalization of the Nintendo Corporation, which owns the copyright on pokemons, just for the first week increased 63.7% from $17.1 billion to $28 billion.
Saudi Arabia recognized the pokemon to be contrary to the Islam

And this is not the limit. While the app is Pokemon Go! officially released only three countries — USA, Australia and New Zealand (Ukrainian users download the game through the program"the mirror"). However, in the next few days Niantic promises to present the official version of the app to 200 countries, including Ukraine. And it then starts a booming.

So prepare your smartphones, ladies and gentlemen. Pokemon will not pass.

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