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2017-06-17, 17:51:57
7 tips for parents: "How to deal with the vagaries of the child."

Many parents do not know how to deal with a cranky baby and give vent to emotions.

1. Try to keep calm in any situation.

Do not yell at the child: find a way otherwise to convey to him their point of view. Explain that you are going to do what he wants. If the child does not respond, wait until he calms down and will be able to perceive your words, be patient. In order to bring the child out of a tantrum, hug him tight and hold for a while in his arms. Say that you love him, and even in those moments when he's mad, but you are upset if he cries loudly and throws himself on the floor, stomping feet, etc.

2. Please be patient.

A hysterical attack in a public place it is better to wait, not reacting to the child's behavior and comments of others. If possible, take the child outside or in the car. The conversation can begin only when he calms down. Explain that the way to behave in the presence of strangers is unavailable.

3. Keep your word.

If you got banned, stick to it, no matter how sorry their baby. Many parents are willing to allow your child anything he didn't cry. Try the whole family to adhere to uniform requirements to the child. This will help to prevent children's whims on the stage of their origin.

4. Use reasonable arguments

Try to negotiate with the child. Children older than four years already understand the relationship between their bad behavior and subsequent punishment. For this you need to set for your child clear rules. For example, "I will not stop screaming - will have no cartoons".

5. Switch the kid's attention.

It is not necessary to punish a child for having tantrums. Try to distract his attention to something else. For example, asking a product on the shelves in the store, and if it happens on the street, offer pathrate hide and seek. This will help to distract the child from the desire to insist on.

6. Warn children's whims.

Avoid situations where the likelihood of tantrums the child has a high. For example, it is not necessary to go to the store with a tired and hungry child, if you don't want to cause a new explosion of emotions. If you still go to the store together, pick what you can buy.

7. Do not leave the baby alone.

If the child does not go on contact and continues to cry and scream, do not leave him alone in a stressful condition. Overprotection in this situation, too, will be superfluous. Because the whims of children protest against parental supervision and demonstrate a desire to be independent. In this case, it is best to move away from the child and to mind my own business, but to make it so that the child saw you. After a while the child will calm down myself.

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