I'm not scared 2018
2016-10-23, 11:13:39
Developed a program to eliminate fears in children. The implementation of it through a story.

The working title of the program: "I'm not scared". Classes are conducted using a psychological sandbox.

First lesson: diagnosis fears. The metaphor fear is a prison (fear binds).
Jail cells served as banks. All the fears, are called the children settled in chambers (banks).
The chamber was guarded by the jailer's Fear-Stakhov - sized doll with a scary mask. In the last lesson disguised as a "decent guy" (removed the mask,shirt and pants infant).
Scenarios of lessons:

Lesson 1 diagnostics fears

Lesson 2 fear of pain, injections

Lesson 3 fear of the dark

Lesson 4 fear of mistakes

Lesson 5 the fear of scary dreams.

Lesson 6 the fear of spiders

Lesson 7 the fear of water

Lesson 8 the Palace of the soul

Lesson 9 transformation

Lesson 10 the book of wisdom.

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